5000 Burial Insurance Plans for Final Expenses

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If you are currently looking for a $5000 burial insurance plan for final expenses, we got you covered. Maybe you are wanting a small burial insurance plan to just cover cremation expenses? Most cremation services are around $2000-3000 depending on your state and different options you choose. Maybe you already have a funeral insurance plan but its not enough to cover all your final expenses? Funeral costs are rising and most are totaling well over $8000 so its important to add to your existing coverage to make sure your family won’t be left with debt.


Maybe you are wanting to leave some monies behind for a loved one? Whatever the case, Assurance Life can help. We assist seniors everyday with burial Insurance ranging from 3000-50,000 of coverage. We have several different companies that offer 5000 Burial Insurance Plans for Final Expenses. Regardless of the size of death benefit you choose, all Burial Insurance plans are called Whole Life Insurance.  

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance policies

Whole Life Insurance Benefits:

Covered for your whole life

Can’t be cancelled because age or health

Monthly payment will never changeMOO

Death benefit amount won’t change

Sample Rates- $5000 Burial Insurance Rates from Mutual of Omaha

AgeNon SmokerSmoker
50- Male16.1820.05
50- Female13.9417.31
55 - Male19.1525.24
55- Female15.8120.76
60- Male22.9831.11
60- Female18.0423.94
65- Male29.4841.11
65- Female22.1129.61
70- Male38.4554.98
70- Female28.2238.44
75- Male51.3773.34
75- Female37.8151.08
80- Male67.9398.34
80- Female50.8268.97

Can I still get $5000 of coverage if I have health problems?

Thankfully, Assurance Life works with funeral insurance companies with $5000 policies available for those in great health and even those with past or current health problems. The death benefit for clients does not change based on your health. What changes is the monthly premium and sometimes a waiting period is required for certain health conditions. There are three levels of coverage and they all have $5000 whole life insurance policies. The best coverage is preferred. This means your coverage begins immediately with no waiting period and you would pay the lowest monthly rate. The next level of coverage is graded. This means the $5000 death benefit is phased in and paid out in different percentages over the first two years. After two years, 100% of the $5000 death benefit is paid to your beneficiary. Finally, the last option is guaranteed issue. This type of policy is for those with health conditions who prevent approval for preferred or graded coverage. There would be a two year waiting period before the $5000 death benefit could be paid out unless cause of death was an accident. Regardless of which level you qualify for, it is important to get your $5000 life insurance policy started as soon as possible so you and your family can have peace of mind that your final expenses will be handled.

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How can I pay for my burial insurance policy?

The days of paying cash for life insurance are about over. Only a few companies allow you to mail a check or money order in for your monthly premium payment but these days its very rare. Most companies require you to have a checking or savings account established before purchasing your policy. You pick the day of the month that is best for you and your budget and the burial insurance company with draft your checking or savings account monthly automatically. Remember, your policy won’t be active until your first premium payment has been paid. Some companies will accept a direct express card if you currently don’t have checking or savings account. In fact, most companies won’t even take a credit card anymore. Assurance Life does have a few companies who will take your direct express card if you are without a checking or savings account. Regardless of the method of payment you use, its always important to communicate with your agent or the life insurance company directly if you have any changes with your accounts. Remember, whole life insurance is a type of life insurance that can never be cancelled due to age or health. The key here is as long as you continue to make your monthly payments. So to avoid any disruption or cancellation of your policy, keep your agent informed and up to date if you have any changes with your accounts.

Why Assurance Life?

Assurance Life ONLY specializes in Burial InsuranceWe’re a funeral insurance comparison service which means we don’t represent just one insurance company. We have access to over 25 of the nation’s top rated burial insurance companies including AIG, Gerber, Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors of America and Foresters just to name a few. The most important thing to understand is we work on behalf of YOU and not any one company. Our goal is always to find the best rates available on the market and we usually succeed since we have so many companies to choose from.

Let Assurance Life help you find the best 5000 burial insurance for final expenses. When we compare quotes from many companies, we get you the best rates, regardless of your current or past health problems. We got you covered! Call us at 800-517-0810 to secure the best 5000 burial insurance plans for final expenses.


About AssuranceLife.org
About AssuranceLife.org

Assurance Life works with individuals nationwide to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to top rated insurance companies, we always find the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, age, or budget.

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