Affordable $7000 Burial Insurance Policy

$7000 burial insurance policy

Have you been looking for an affordable $7000 burial insurance policy to cover your final expenses? Do you already have another burial insurance policy in place but are needing to add some more coverage? Assurance Life specializes in small burial insurance policies to help protect families from rising funeral expenses. Right now, an average funeral in the United States depending on where you live is around $8000.00. So buying a $7000 burial insurance policy might not be enough for a traditional burial but this really depends on what options you choose.


However, if you are not interested in all the bells and whistles then a $7000 funeral could possibly work. Maybe you are wanting to be cremated in which a $7000 burial insurance policy would cover all the cremation costs and then some. Regardless of your wishes, Assurance Life is here to help. We help seniors everyday with their end of time expense planning. Plus, with us having access to 25 of the best burial insurance companies, this will ensure you always get the best price along with the best final expense coverage.

Sample $7000 Burial Insurance Quotes

Here are some sample quotes from just a few of our burial insurance companies. These are sample rates from Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors of America and Liberty Bankers Life. Contact us at the 800 number above for exact rates and coverages.


  • Male and Females both
  • $7000 of burial insurance
  • Non-smoking rates
  • Level Coverage
Royal Neighbors of America
Liberty Bankers Life

Types of $7000 Burial Policies Available

  • Level Coverage
  • Graded Coverage
  • Guaranteed Issue

Most burial insurance companies have 3 types of burial insurance plans available. Level coverage is the highest level of coverage available. Level coverage is our goal for all of our customers. Level coverage is immediate coverage and doesn’t have a waiting period. In fact, 90 percent of all of Assurance Life’s customers qualify for level coverage. Level coverage plans also have the lowest monthly premiums when looking at the different $7000 burial insurance policies available. Graded coverage has a limited pay out of your death benefit over two years. This simply means if you were to pass away within the first two years of taking out your policy, your death benefit wouldn’t be paid out in full until after two years.

Graded plans are for those individuals who have some health conditions that can’t get approved for level coverage. Guaranteed issue plans are plans for those who have severe health issues. These types of plans are more expensive and all have a two year waiting period. However, guaranteed issue plans are an excellent choice for those who can’t get approved for other types of insurance. Guaranteed issue simply mean that your acceptance is guaranteed and everyone is approved. No health questions are asked and of course with all burial insurance plans there are no medical exams to worry about.


Who needs a $7000 Burial Insurance policy?

$7000 burial insurance policy is the perfect amount for individuals who don’t have any life insurance coverage in place. Maybe you just put off buying life insurance because you didn’t think you needed it? Maybe you are like most who don’t think they will die anytime soon? Maybe something has changed with your finances in your household and you are concerned now how you will pay for your burial expenses?

Regardless of your situation, buying a $7000 burial insurance is a great first step. Once again, these plans can be used to cover all of your cremation costs and can prevent you and your family from a financial hardship at the time of your passing.

How can my $7000 Burial Insurance policy be used?

Most of our clients use their policies to coverage funeral expenses when their end of time comes. However, burial insurance policies can used for many different purposes. Your burial insurance policy could pay for final expenses that could include: funeral expenses, medical bills, credit card debt, legal fees and even travel expenses for your family members who will attend your funeral. Your beneficiary listed on your policy, can use the monies as they see fit. For this reason, this brings up a very important topic. Make sure you choose the beneficiary of your burial insurance policy wisely.

Unfortunately, we have heard stories where beneficiaries have just cashed out their family’s life insurance policies without using them for their intended purposes. In these situations, other family members had to scramble just to find the money to bury their loved one. Not good! So make sure the beneficiary you choose is someone you can trust to do the right thing when the time comes.


So how do I purchase a $7000 burial insurance policy?

Assurance Life always recommends using an independent broker when buying life insurance. Independent brokers have access to numerous companies which makes it easy to find the best price. Plus, not only will an independent broker find you the best price but also the best coverage based on your current health situation. All life insurance companies have different underwriting departments. So one company might not be very favorable to the type of health condition you may have. Where another company it might be no big deal and level coverage is more likely. That’s why its important to use an independent broker like Assurance Life when shopping for a funeral insurance plan to cover your final expenses.

Once you have contacted one of our licensed agents, the application process is quick and easy. Remember no agent has to come to your home because all applications are processed online and over the phone. The entire process takes less than 15-20 minutes start to finish. Most companies will issue an approval instantly or within 24 hours. Remember no medical exams are needed for approval and we even have guaranteed issue plans that don’t ask any health questions.

Once again, 90 percent of all of Assurance Life’s clients qualify for level coverage which starts immediate. Assurance Life specializes in selling life insurance over the phone, so we got you covered. We help parents, grandparents and all of the above daily.

What type of method of payment can I use to buy burial insurance?

The days of paying cash for life insurance are about over. Only a few companies allow you to mail a check or money order in for your monthly premium payment but these days its very rare. Most companies require you to have a checking or savings account established before purchasing your policy. You pick the day of the month that is best for you and your budget and the burial insurance company with draft your checking or savings account monthly automatically. Remember, your policy won’t be active until your first premium payment has been paid.

Some companies will accept a direct express card if you currently don’t have checking or savings account. In fact, most companies won’t even take a credit card anymore. Assurance Life does have a few whole life insurance companies who will take your direct express card if you are without a checking or savings account. Regardless of the method of payment you use, its always important to communicate with your agent or the life insurance company directly if you have any changes with your accounts.

Remember, whole life insurance is a type of life insurance that can never be cancelled due to age or health. The key here is as long as you continue to make your monthly payments. So to avoid any disruption or cancellation of your policy, keep your agent informed and up to date if you have any changes with your accounts.

Assurance Life has access to over 25 of leading burial insurance companies in the United States. We have licensed burial insurance specialists available to assist you. If you would like a free burial insurance quote call us at 888-510-1381 and we can tell you how to find the best $7000 burial insurance policy at the cheapest price.