Affordable Burial Insurance in North Carolina

affordable burial insurance in north carolina

When considering affordable burial insurance in North Carolina, you should examine the environment within this beautiful state. North Carolinians are a mix of natives and transplant residents who enjoy the scenic views, great colleges, and a thriving job market. All the while, many people choose North Carolina as a place to retire due to the southern charm and mid size cities offering city benefits with small town feel. This means that the over 50 population is often seeking to find affordable burial insurance in North Carolina.

Each state has unique factors that contribute to finding the best burial insurance including average age of residents, health factors such as leading causes of death in the state, and even average funeral cost. It can be overwhelming to find funeral insurance in any given state due to the varying factors involved. With so many companies and considerations, where does someone find affordable burial insurance in North Carolina?


Use a broker, not an agent

The first step to getting affordable burial insurance in North Carolina is to be sure to use a broker rather than an independent agent or shopping one company. The reason a broker is best for securing whole life insurance is that a broker uses numerous companies rather than just representing one company. This means a broker works for YOU rather than an insurance company. In North Carolina, there are hundreds of burial insurance plans with an incredible number of companies. Where does someone begin? Assurance Life is a broker who helps North Carolinians find the perfect burial insurance policy for their exact needs.

We represent reputable companies such as AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Liberty Bankers Life, and Royal Neighbors of America. All companies that Assurance Life represents are nationwide, A-rated companies. This protects you from ending up with a fly by night company that won’t be there to pay your claim when your family needs it the most. Along with the reliability of a company is the affordability of the monthly payment. Sometimes the most recognized company name does not mean the best price for the customer. Some larger companies use their name brand to charge higher prices. Assurance Life finds the best fit for each client so that you can find the best affordable burial insurance in North Carolina!


How to get started

In North Carolina, the average funeral costs are about $7755, not counting the plot. Burial planning is not a topic that comes up just sitting around the dinner table. It is something that requires a unique intentionality and it is a tremendous act of love to protect one’s family from the burden of final expenses upon death.

In North Carolina, a common amount of burial insurance is $10,000 due to the average funeral cost and other expenses that arise. Some people get a little more coverage if their final expense insurance needs to include any debts owed or leaving money to family members. Other North Carolinians opt for smaller policies- usually if they plan for cremation instead of burial. Choosing the funeral insurance benefit amount is the first step. Then getting a FREE QUOTE follows so that you can see what the monthly premium is and compare plans available.


Why is planning ahead important?

In North Carolina, the top three leading causes of death are Cancer, Heart Disease, and Accidents. Planning ahead for your burial insurance needs is important. Most people are as healthy as they will be TODAY. No one plans on getting cancer, having a heart attack, or fatal accident which means it is more likely that you will not be prepared if you put off securing your whole life insurance policy to pay for burial cost and final expenses. By planning ahead, you will be able to get the most coverage at the lowest premiums. The best benefit of your planning is the peace of mind knowing your family is protected upon your death. Affordable burial insurance in North Carolina is best found when you start your coverage before any health problems come up, causing possible premium increases or even a waiting period.

What if I didn’t plan ahead- can you help me now?

Why do people suddenly develop in interest in burial insurance in the first place? Usually, a family member has passed or there has been a health diagnosis that prompts people to consider whether they have prepared for necessary arrangements upon their death. If you have started thinking about your funeral insurance due to a health diagnosis, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will not be able to get approved just because you have a change in your health. Assurance Life works with numerous companies and each one specializes in unique health situations.

One company may automatically decline all clients applying with diabetes while another takes a look at the type of diabetes, treatment needed, and other health factors before determining approval or decline. Regarding cancer history, some companies have a time limit where they do not penalize for a cancer diagnosis and others do not. There are many considerations. In any case, whether you are planning ahead or coming at things after a health problem has occurred, the best way to ensure finding affordable burial insurance is to use a broker like Assurance Life so that you are comparing many companies. Assurance Life has companies that approve ALL applicants, regardless of their health, with a simple, yes and no questionnaire, and NO MEDICAL EXAMS.

instant burial insurance

Do not wait

Nothing is worse than regret. North Carolina is a beautiful, serene, vibrant place to live. It can even lull residents into a secure feeling that nothing can penetrate their peaceful existence and thinking ahead to worry about funeral and final arrangements isn’t something to worry about. Unfortunately, it is families that pay the price for putting off starting a whole life insurance policy to pay for final expenses. After you get your funeral insurance in place, you will enjoy your gem of a state even more knowing your family is protected. Assurance Life can help you find affordable burial insurance in North Carolina and many other states. Do not wait….. Protect your family today.