American General Life Insurance Review

american general life insurance

best burial insurance companiesAre you looking for a burial insurance policy to cover all of your final expenses? American General guaranteed issue life insurance plan is a great option if you currently can’t get approved for preferred coverage with one of our other life insurance insurance companies. American General Life Insurance Company has been in business for almost 100 years and is listed as the 87th largest company in the world with over 56,000 employees. AIG is currently headquartered in New Your City and also has offices around the world. American General is financially strong and is ALWAYS in our top 10 burial insurance companies list each year.

This review will focus on the guaranteed issue whole life insurance product that American General Life Insurance Company offers. It’s the perfect plan for someone with serious health issues who is looking to protect their family from financial hardship once they pass away.

Assurance Life is not affiliated with AIG Life Insurance. American General Life Insurance phone number is 800-797-2643.

AIG GIWL – Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Plan Highlights:


  • Available for Ages – 50-85
  • Face Amount: $5000-$25,000
  • No Medical Exams or Health Questions
  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Multiple Payment Options: Checking, Savings, Credit Card and Direct Express
  • Easy Online Application
  • Builds Cash Value
  • Policy can’t be cancelled due to age or health
  • Monthly premiums NEVER increase
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness

Why choose the AIG Guaranteed Issue Burial Insurance Plan?

Of course, Assurance Life always tries to get all of our clients approved for preferred coverage first. (No Waiting Period) In fact, almost 90 percent of our customers qualify for immediate coverage without a waiting period. Unfortunately, sometimes life hits us with a curveball and preferred coverage isn’t possible because of recent health conditions that have come up. This is where the AIG guaranteed issue burial insurance plan fits perfectly. No health questions asked on the application and your acceptance is guaranteed.

It really is that simple! Plus, American General Life Insurance Company has some of the lowest rates on guaranteed issue burial insurance plans in the industry. This is one of the main reasons we use American General Life and often offer their plans to our clients. Here are some sample rates listed below:



AIG Guaranteed Issue Living Benefits:

One of the benefits of the American General life insurance policy is it provides living benefits. These living benefits are provided at no cost. These benefits include:

  • Chronic Illness – This benefit returns all premiums up to 50% of the face amount of the policy at the time of acceleration. This assume someone can’t perform 2 out of 6 activities of daily living or is diagnosed with a severe cognitive impairment.
  • Terminal Illness – This benefit provides up to 50% of the face amount of the policy at the time of acceleration. This assumes that someone is terminally ill or someone who has a life expectancy of 24 months or less.

What happens if I pass away during the first two years while there is a waiting period?

If you were to pass away during the first two years during the waiting period, American General burial insurance would pay you all the premiums that you have paid into the policy plus an extra 10 percent interest. This is called a graded benefit life insurance policy. Once again, this is if you were to die during the first two years. After two years, your entire death benefit (face amount) would be paid in full. However, if you were to die because of an accidental death, American General life insurance would pay the full-face amount even during the first two years because it was an accident. In the event of suicide, American General Life will just refund your premiums with no extra interest given.

So how much AIG guaranteed issue burial insurance can I buy?

For the American General Life Insurance whole life insurance product, American General life insurance company limits the amount you can purchase to $25,000. Plus, AIG GIWL only allows you to purchase one policy as the owner/insured in a 12- month period. It’s important to decide how much your end of life needs will be before your passing. Assurance Life can help you walk through this process and help estimate what your final expenses could be with just a few simple questions.

Our recommendation is always take out more than you think you may need to be safe but not too much where you can’t afford the monthly payments. A lot of these questions are really determined by what type of funeral are you wanting and how much debt you will have.

Who should purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance plan?


Assurance Life offers the AIG guaranteed issue life insurance plan to individuals who have severe health issues. Once again, these types of life insurance policies are used as a last resort if we can’t get you approved for preferred coverage. Our goal is always immediate coverage without a waiting period. If you have any of the health conditions listed below you should consider a AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance plan:

  •         Currently on oxygen
  •         Currently on dialysis
  •         Currently receiving hospice care
  •         Currently have cancer
  •         Currently confined to a wheelchair
  •         Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease

In some situations, if the client ONLY has the direct express card the AIG guaranteed issued burial plan is a great fit since they will accept it and most companies will not.

Why Assurance Life?

Assurance Life is an independent broker meaning we work with many different burial insurance companies. This means we work for YOU, the client, rather than working for one insurance company. With access to the top rated burial insurance companies in the US, we always find the most coverage at the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, even if you have been turned down before. Our life insurance companies have served customers’ final expense needs for over 50 years or longer.

Assurance Life provides free instant burial insurance quotes so you can make the best decision for your family. With Assurance Life, you can rest assured and have peace of mind that your funeral expenses are covered at a time when you need it most. I hope this AIG final expense review helped you in your search. Contact us at 888-510-1381 and one of our licensed insurance agent will assist you.