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guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Guaranteed Life Insurance (Instant Approval)

Guaranteed Life Insurance has become very popular. There are many reasons why- easy application process, being worried about health problems, and quick approval to name a few. Often people looking for a guaranteed issue plan have been turned down with another company. Don’t let that stop you from getting life insurance to protect your family.…
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guranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions – This possibility might seem impossible- don’t all life insurance plans have health questions?  Actually, they don’t. Believe it or not, you can be approved instantly for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions without having to answer a single health related question. The key to finding…
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senior plan life insurance

Senior Plan Life Insurance – All Ages

Senior Plan Life Insurance is important to seniors of all ages. People find themselves at all ages without life insurance and Assurance Life can help you find the perfect life insurance for your stage of life.  There are all kinds of senior life insurance plans that can help you protect your family against paying the…
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what is guaranteed issue life insurance

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

As the need for burial insurance is growing across the country, many people are asking- what is guaranteed issue life insurance?  While there are many types of life insurance that fit needs of people at different ages and stages of their lives, no type of life insurance is better appreciated than a guaranteed issue life…
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life insurance no medical exam no waiting period

Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period

Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period – who would believe that is possible? Believe it or not, there is a type of life insurance where you are not required to have a medical exam and the policy goes into effect IMMEDIATELY with no waiting period. There are a few names that this insurance…
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life insurance for seniors over 65

Life Insurance for Seniors over 65 (No Exams)

Life insurance for seniors over 65 is one of the fastest growing needs due to the boom among the senior population. With life expectancies rising and baby boomers aging, this means many more consumers are in need of life insurance into their 60’s. There is a shift of how retirees are receiving their benefits and…
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senior burial insurance

Senior Burial Insurance for All Ages

Senior Burial Insurance might sound like it is only for people who are very close to the end of life who need to find a way to pay for burial expenses. However, as insurance needs change throughout people’s lives, funeral insurance is becoming the go to for what type of life insurance people buy when…
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affordable burial insurance

Affordable Burial Insurance Plans for Seniors

If you are looking for affordable burial insurance, Assurance Life is able to help. Often people focus on the day to day needs and expenses of everyday life and as a result, looking ahead to the needs and expenses after death are overlooked. Thankfully there are many options for planning for a funeral how to…
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funeral expense insurance for seniors

Funeral Expense Insurance for Seniors

Funerals… and how to pay for them… it’s a common problem that can be solved with Funeral Expense Insurance. As with most expenses, funeral costs are on the rise. People are living longer with less money put away for retirement leaving families unable to afford funeral costs from the estate of their deceased loved ones.…
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