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As the need for burial insurance is growing across the country, many people are asking- what is guaranteed issue life insurance?  While there are many types of life insurance that fit needs of people at different ages and stages of their lives, no type of life insurance is better appreciated than a guaranteed issue life.. More

Who can predict a health problem or surgery that might leave you needing guaranteed approval life insurance?  Sometimes in order to protect your family in case of an unexpected death in the family, people need to find a life insurance plan where poor health, a chronic condition, or recent surgery doesn’t disqualify them from approval… More

Insurance for burial costs is becoming one of the most common types of insurance people buy once their children have grown and are out of the house. Until that point, life insurance has usually been in place to ensure that the money needed to raise the kids was available if something should happen to either.. More

Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period – who would believe that is possible?  Believe it or not, there is a type of life insurance where you are not required to have a medical exam and the policy goes into effect IMMEDIATELY with no waiting period. There are a few names that this insurance.. More

Life insurance for seniors over 65 is one of the fastest growing needs due to the boom among the senior population. With life expectancies rising and baby boomers aging, this means many more consumers are in need of life insurance into their 60’s. There is a shift of how retirees are receiving their benefits and.. More

Life and Burial Insurance are actually one and the same. There are various types of life insurance and burial insurance is a specialty life insurance intended on paying for burial expenses. During a person’s life, their life insurance needs are determined by their age and stage of life. Assurance Life has experts available to assist.. More

When a loved one dies, it is helpful for the family when there is insurance for burial expenses. Burial expenses can range from the funeral home services, actual items needed during for burial such as a casket and sometime embalming tools, the burial plot and headstone, and other common needs such as transportation of the.. More

The senior population is growing by leaps and bounds leaving many of their children wondering about a life insurance policy for parents. In a perfect world, all the money needed is available for burial needs when your parents die but in reality, most people don’t have the means to pay for a funeral when a.. More

Who wants to think ahead to their burial needs and why a burial policy is important? Not too many people… for this reason, countless families are left with the daunting task of planning funeral services for a loved one without the financial resources to pay for final expenses. If you are one of the many.. More