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Are you looking for fast approval burial insurance to cover your final expenses? Are you wanting to make sure your funeral expenses are covered so your family members won’t be burdened? Do you have some questions about how the approval process works? Do you have concerns because you have been turned down for life insurance.. More

Buying burial insurance on a fixed income is not a problem because of the numerous companies and whole life insurance policy amounts that are available. Each person’s age, health, and insurance needs are factors in determining how much the monthly premium or payments will cost for the funeral insurance. You can’t change your age and.. More

Over 70 percent of Americans over 20 are overweight with a surprising 38% considered obese so it isn’t surprising that people wonder about buying burial insurance when you are overweight. American traditions are filled with feasting traditions ranging from hot dogs and apple pie to cultural food festivals in most major cities. Everything we do.. More

With everything in our society moving faster and going digital, it makes you wonder if that same speed and technology carries over to getting instant approval burial insurance. After all, insurance isn’t something you think of doing quickly and many times it is a long process to get certain kinds of life insurance. However, burial.. More

Why is a 15,000 burial insurance policy a popular amount for those wanting to protect their family with funeral insurance? Burial insurance, which can also be called funeral insurance or whole life insurance is primarily meant to pay for final expenses upon a person’s death. Choosing the right amount of burial insurance can be a.. More

People who live with needing oxygen supplements for their everyday lives have usually had a serious medical condition and wonder how it works buying burial insurance when on oxygen. Folks who are have been through a health crisis are often prompted to think about how their family would cope financially with the cost of burial.. More

More seniors in their 70s have barely reached retirement due to longer life expectancy and better health allowing folks to enjoy working longer. When retirement comes, many are asking how to get the best burial insurance in your 70s. Employer benefits no longer carry into the retirements years as they did in the past leaving.. More

Affordable burial insurance in Georgia is easy to find when you know where to look! Some Georgians think using a local insurance agent is the best way to buy burial insurance. They are surprised to find out that using a broker can save them hundreds of dollars each year because a broker can compare numerous.. More

Parents and grandparents can protect their loved ones when buying life insurance as a gift for children or grandchildren. It is a misconception that life insurance is only for people who are married, have families, or those in their twilight years to pay for burial expenses. In reality, one of the best times to buy.. More