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What does Burial Insurance cost? There isn’t a quick answer to this question because it depends. Depends on what? Well, it really comes down to the individual because the factors are based on unique qualities like age and current and past health conditions. This may feel like buying burial insurance would be confusing but not.. More

Are you looking for a life insurance policy to cover all your final expenses? Maybe you are considering leaving some monies behind for a loved one or extended family member? Regardless of your needs, Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance is a great option for those who are wanting to buy a life insurance policy to.. More

Life Insurance for children is whole life insurance or often called permanent life insurance that protects your children or grandchildren for their whole life. Children’s whole life insurance can also be called Juvenile life insurance. These children’s whole life insurance plans tend to be smaller face amounts than other life insurance plans-usually from $5,000 to.. More

Are you looking for a burial insurance policy to cover all of your final expenses? American General guaranteed issue life insurance plan is a great option if you currently can’t get approved for preferred coverage with one of our other life insurance insurance companies. American General Life Insurance Company has been in business for almost.. More

Buying burial insurance after a heart attack can be a challenge. In fact, most clients that we talk to don’t think they can buy life insurance after they have suffered a heart attack. Hopefully, this article can give you some insight on how burial insurance companies look at heart problems and how to find the.. More

Buying life insurance when on dialysis can be a very difficult task. So can you buy life insurance with Chronic Kidney Disease or End Stage Kidney Disease? The answer is YES. Unfortunately, Term insurance or ANY life insurance for that matter that has a medical exam or asks health questions would be out of the.. More

Life Insurance can seem a complicated process but surprisingly many people don’t realize that it is a simple process and you can even get life insurance with no health questions. The most important thing a person can do before they get life insurance is figure out what they want the life insurance to do for.. More

Are you looking for the best $8000 life insurance policy to cover your final expenses? Are you trying to decide if you are wanting a traditional burial or cremation? In most states, an $8000 burial insurance plan would cover either funeral option. This is why Assurance Life sells more $8000 plans to clients on a.. More

Buying Burial Insurance to cover your final expenses is an important decision. No one wants to be remembered as a burden to their family members when they are gone. After all it is your funeral we are talking about. So it’s important to plan ahead so your family memories will be protected and you and.. More