Best 15,000 Burial Insurance Policy for Seniors

15,000 burial insurance policy

Why is a 15,000 burial insurance policy a popular amount for those wanting to protect their family with funeral insurance? Burial insurance, which can also be called funeral insurance or whole life insurance is primarily meant to pay for final expenses upon a person’s death. Choosing the right amount of burial insurance can be a worrisome task but the stress is relieved when you know where to begin.

$15,000 happens to be the perfect death benefit amount to fully cover average funeral expenses and have a little left over for to pay some remaining debts or even leave a small monetary amount to family. By thinking through a list of priorities for what you would like the death benefit to pay for, you can determine if a 15,000 burial insurance policy is the right amount for you and your family. Get a FREE QUOTE now for a $15,000 policy!


What should my burial insurance policy pay for?

So the first question in deciding if a 15,000 burial insurance policy is the right amount for your needs is to think about the type of funeral arrangements you would like. There are many considerations such as burial versus cremation, type of casket and headstone, along with the service arrangements and burial plot. The average burial service is $10,000 and for those preferring cremation, the average cost is $7,500. That is a difference of a few thousand dollars.  Some people have family burial plots that are already owned which can save money as well. Once you think through those few questions, you can ask yourself if you would like to leave extra money beyond just the funeral expenses.

Many times, close family members planning the arrangements have taken time off from work. A little extra money from the insurance policy can help bridge that financial gap. Also, you might have a car loan that you would like paid off for a spouse or leave a few thousand dollars for a grandchild’s college fund. Adding a little extra into your burial insurance policy is a common way to be certain all funeral expenses are paid with a little money left over. That is why $15,000 whole life policies are a common amount for funeral insurance these days.  


Talk to close family members about your wishes

Once you have decided on a 15,000 burial insurance policy, it is crucial to let family members know that you have taken out this whole life insurance plan for them. The gift of peace of mind is an incredible blessing for you and your family. No one wants to picture their family members struggling financially due to the burden of paying for a funeral. Once you start your burial insurance policy, the most important person to notify is the beneficiary and the person who is named as the second beneficiary. You can also state your wishes in a last will and testament but sometimes a will doesn’t state the specific wishes for burial- it just states who inherits which parts of your estate.

With a a burial insurance policy, this is not part of your estate so you will want to speak separately with your close family to let them know if you prefer burial or cremation. Other parts of the final arrangements to talk about might be some favorite music or memories you would like shared. It can feel awkward to talk about death but it is much better to make your wishes known than for family to struggle with wanting to honor you but not being sure of what you would have liked. Another reason to talk ahead of time with family is to designate how you would like remaining monies from the 15,000 burial insurance policy to be spent once the funeral arrangements are paid for.  

Do my spouse and I both need a $15,000 policy?

Often times, a husband and wife will both take out burial insurance at the same time. Insurance needs are usually the same for both spouses during retirement years when loss of income doesn’t play as much of a role. When people choose a $15,000 whole life insurance plan, they sometimes think they don’t need to take as much insurance out for their spouse because why would you both want to build in extra monies. Well, you can’t really predict who might pass on first which means you want both spouses to have the full amount they might need to completely pay for burial expenses. If one spouse passes and that leaves the surviving spouse with more insurance than they need, you can always adjust your burial insurance plan at that time to a lesser amount if you see the need.  


Can I add more money to my plan in the future?

A 15,000 burial insurance policy usually meets the needs of most people. However sometimes people wish they had taken out more insurance a couple years into having their burial insurance plan. Maybe cost of living has increased or financial circumstances changed and you want to leave more money for your family. Whatever the reason for wanting a larger death benefit, it is possible to get more protection for your family.

The good news is that while you aren’t able to add directly to an existing whole life insurance policy, the process to purchase a supplementary policy is quick and easy so you can add extra coverage for your family at any time. Call us at 888-510-1381 to get a FREE QUOTE for a $15,000 burial insurance plan or to add to your existing coverage!

Peace of Mind


For many people, a 15,000 burial insurance policy fits their needs. If you don’t have funeral insurance in place to protect your family, now is the time to consider this gift of peace of mind. The process is quick and easy and approval can be given within 10 minutes in most cases. We put so much effort into our daily comforts that it is a shame to overlook the needs we have after we pass when planning ahead can ensure our family a time of celebrating memories of your life.