Best $8000 Life Insurance Policy for Final Expenses

$8000 life insurance policy

Are you looking for the best $8000 life insurance policy to cover your final expenses? Are you trying to decide if you are wanting a traditional burial or cremation? In most states, an $8000 burial insurance plan would cover either funeral option. This is why Assurance Life sells more $8000 plans to clients on a fixed income. It’s the perfect amount of coverage and it is affordable even for those on a monthly budget. For many clients, $8000 is just the right amount of coverage so your family members won’t be burdened when the time comes.


There are other reasons that clients choose an $8000 funeral insurance policy. Many people set up their final expense arrangements years ago and funeral costs have risen since that time. An $8000 policy is a perfect bridge to cover extra expenses that have happened over time. These expenses could be funeral costs, debts accrued, or even wanting to leave extra money to family members. Regardless of your situation, Assurance Life is here to help. We help seniors with affordable burial insurance plans everyday. We also have access to over 25 of the top burial insurance companies in the nation. All of our companies can offer you the $8000 whole life insurance plan that you are looking for.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance


· Good for your Whole Life
· Policy can’t be cancelled due to your age or health
· Monthly premium will never increase
· Death Benefit will never decrease
· Easy online applications
· No medical exams
· No health questions on guaranteed issue policies
· ALL ages from 0-85 can qualify

How do I purchase the best $8000 life insurance policy?

Buying whole life insurance is simple and easy. You can either click here for instant quotes or call us at 800-517-0810 and one of our licensed specialist can help you. Our specialists will walk you through the process. First, we ask some basic health questions to help us find the plan that is best for you. Then we will compare over 25 companies that we work with to find you the most coverage at the best price based on your current health conditions. Once we have chosen a plan for you, the remaining steps of the application process with most companies will take less than 10 minutes.

How do I know which company to purchase from?

We always recommend shopping several companies before purchasing your burial insurance plan. This is where finding an independent broker like Assurance Life can help you with all the leg work. Since we have access to 25 different burial insurance companies, we ALWAYS can find the BEST rates and save you a ton of time also. Finding the RIGHT fit that matches your health conditions is as important as finding the best price. When we find the two together, we know it is the company for your needs.

How can I be sure $8000 is enough coverage?

Assurance Life specializes in not only finding you the right company but also making sure you have the right amount of life insurance at a monthly rate that fits your budget. The most important expense your burial insurance pays for is funeral expenses. Some clients wish for their remaining debts to be paid out of their death benefit and a third need can be whether you want to leave money to family members. These areas are considered when deciding how much burial insurance to purchase. The other important consideration is your monthly budget. Once the ideal death benefit is figured out, Assurance Life helps you get as close to that amount possible and stay within your budget.

Can I still get $8000 of coverage if I have health problems?


Thankfully, Assurance Life works with funeral insurance companies with $8000 policies available for those in great health and even those with past or current health problems. The death benefit for clients does not change based on your health. What changes is the monthly premium and sometimes a waiting period is required for certain health conditions. There are three levels of coverage and they all have $8000 burial insurance policies. The best coverage is preferred. This means your coverage begins immediately with no waiting period and you would pay the lowest monthly rate. The next level of coverage is graded. This means the $8000 death benefit is phased in and paid out in different percentages over the first two years. After two years, 100% of the $8000 death benefit is paid to your beneficiary.

Finally, the last option is guaranteed issue. This type of policy is for those with health conditions who prevent approval for preferred or graded coverage. There would be a two year waiting period before the $8000 death benefit could be paid out unless cause of death was an accident. Regardless of which level you qualify for, it is important to get your $8000 life insurance policy started as soon as possible so you and your family can have peace of mind that your final expenses will be handled.