Best Burial Insurance for Diabetics

best burial insurance for diabetics

Are you looking for the best burial insurance for diabetics? It is documented, that over 100 million people in the United States have some level of diabetes not to mention those living with diabetes who don’t even know they have it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes but with proper care including medication, diet, and exercise it can be managed.

More importantly, is planning ahead with a burial insurance plan so your family members won’t be burdened with expensive funeral expenses. Assurance Life has placed several clients with diabetes with funeral insurance policies. Regardless, of what type of diabetes you have, WE have a plan for you.

In fact, Assurance Life works with a few burial insurance companies who don’t even ask any health questions on their applications. Diabetics are often told that they can’t qualify for life insurance but this just isn’t the case. Call us now at 800-517-0810 for the best burial insurance for diabetics.


Best Burial Insurance for Diabetics

Since millions of people have some form of diabetes, this is usually not a concern when getting life insurance with diabetes. Questions about this condition come up a lot during the application process. Medical underwriting during this process can differ greatly depending on the funeral insurance company. This is why using an independent agency like Assurance Life with access to multiple insurance carriers is very important. Having access to many companies means diabetes does not have to limit you from getting life insurance or any other final expense life insurance plans.

The differences between insurance companies is drastic. One insurance company might decline a diabetic depending on complications and another company may approve DAY ONE preferred coverage (meaning No Waiting Period.) Assurance Life has access to some of the most diabetic friendly funeral insurance companies on the planet so get your Free Quote Now! We can cover most individuals with diabetes even if they use insulin or have some other complications. Life insurance for people with diabetes is no problem.

Most Common Questions on Burial Insurance Applications Concerning Diabetes
· During the past 24 months have you been treated for Insulin Shock?
· During the past 24 months have you been treated for Diabetic Coma?
· Have you ever taken insulin shots prior to age 50? Age 40? Age 25?
· During the past 2 years have you been treated for retinopathy, nephropathy, or neuropathy?
· Use of insulin? How many units? Name of pill form medication?

I can’t stress enough the importance of having an independent agency guide you through the process of purchasing a burial insurance policy when having diabetes. As you can see above, some companies ask about insulin before age 50? Some age 40? Some will even go as low as 25 years of age. Your price and waiting period could be drastically different for different insurance companies depending on how you would answer that question. However, since Assurance Life has access to all the top burial insurance companies we GOT YOU COVERED on founding the best burial insurance for diabetics.

Why are Burial Insurance Policies Unique?

What makes burial insurance policies unique, is their straightforward application process and simplified underwriting. Burial insurance policies are also a specialty plan that fits the need to pay for burial costs and final expenses. They are usually put in place to protect family members from paying the cost of a funeral, memorial services, other debts, and to leave small sums of money to family members. So the simplified process and specific intent of the policy is what makes burial insurance unique.

Is Everyone Approved for Burial Insurance?

Another unique feature of burial insurance is that EVERYONE 89 and under can get approved for a low cost burial insurance plan. Unlike other types of insurance, burial insurance has plans for every type of client, even those with complications from diabetes. Regardless of whether you have been turned down before, Assurance Life has a company that will fit your individual insurance needs.

Steps to get the Best Burial Insurance for Diabetics

To compare SEVERAL burial insurance rates, click on the GET Quotes Now button on the left of the page. You will receive INSTANT quotes from some the best burial insurance companies in the US. Once, you find theburial insurance rates rate that fits your budget, you can APPLY online or you can call us at 800-517-0810 with any questions you may have. Once again, Assurance Life helps diabetics DAILY with burial insurance polices, so WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!

Why Assurance Life?

Assurance Life specializes in helping individuals find the RIGHT burial insurance plan for your individual needs. Our goal is always to find the best final expense plan and the cheapest coverage around. Since we partner with over 25 different burial insurance companies, we can always save you money and find you the best coverage based on YOUR health. Let us help you make this important decision. Preparing for your final days can be mentally exhausting and often times very confusing with all the different options. Let Assurance Life help you in your journey. We do this everyday. We know what final expense life insurance you need! Call us now at 800-517-0810.