Best Burial Insurance for Seniors over 80

best burial insurance for seniors over 80

IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  Read that again… IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  Many seniors or children with parents over 80 think they may not qualify for senior life insurance due to their age.  Let Assurance Life reassure you that it is not too late to find the best burial insurance for seniors over 80 years old.  Thankfully, most whole life insurance companies offer plans for clients up to 85 years old so seniors in their early to mid 80’s are able to secure funeral insurance and peace of mind for their families that things will be taken care of in their time of need. Call us at 888-510-1381 to get quotes for affordable life insurance for seniors over 80.



Is the application process more complicated because I am over 80?

Applying for the best burial insurance for seniors over 80 is simple and easy.  Assurance Life has a short questionnaire that helps us place you with the best company based on your personal needs and situation. Once the burial insurance company is chosen, we walk you through either a phone application or an electronic sign up so you can sign up for your cremation insurance policy right from your own home.  After you apply, there are NO MEDICAL EXAMS needed to complete the approval process.

How much burial insurance do I need?

There are many amounts of funeral insurance available.  There are 3 things to consider when choosing how much burial insurance you need.  First, what are funeral costs in your area? Assurance Life can inform you of the average burial or cremation costs in your state along with other expenses you may not think about that should be included in your death benefit.  Second, you want to consider if there are outstanding debts you would like paid out of your funeral insurance policy.

Finally, ask yourself if you would like extra monies to be left to family members. These final expenses are totalled to determine the best amount of burial insurance for your needs.  Final Expense insurance is intended to pay these expenses and take care of your family so they aren’t burdened with financial strain at the time of your death.


Can I be turned down because of my health at over 80 years old?

Assurance Life offers 3 levels of coverage through numerous reputable companies such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Family Benefit, Gerber Life Insurance, and more.   As a broker with access to so many options, Assurance Life can get ALL clients approved for some type of burial insurance as long as they are 85 years old and younger.  For those over 80 with good health, we offer preferred DAY ONE coverage! This means you are approved and covered from the moment the first payment is made. Sometimes clients have a few health problems that prevent approval for day one coverage.  For those situations, we have graded coverage. With graded coverage, the death benefit is phased in over a two year period.

During year one, a percentage of the death benefit would be paid, 40% for example with some companies. During year two, a higher percentage is paid, 75% for example with other companies.  Finally, after the first two years, 100% of the death benefit is paid. The third level of coverage is called GUARANTEED ISSUE. This policy works just like it sounds. Approval is guaranteed, regardless of your current or past health conditions.

However, there is a two year waiting period before the death benefit would be paid.  Some customers worry that this means they would lose money paid in if death occurs before the two years. Thankfully, your monthly premiums are protected because if death occurs in the first two years, the money is refunded plus interest to your beneficiary. So there is a burial insurance plan available and guaranteed for approval for all seniors 85 and under, regardless of health.

What happens when I get older?  Will my plan be cancelled?

Burial Insurance plans are a whole life insurance policy.  This means the policy remains active for your WHOLE LIFE as long as the monthly payments are made.  They cannot be cancelled due to turning 90 years old or even 100!!! They cannot be cancelled if you have a new health problem arise.  For as long as payments are made, your family will be protected through your death benefit to pay final expenses when they need it most.

This is what makes whole life insurance plans so popular. Once again, if you are looking for a policy to cover your funeral expenses, whole life is the only way to go for you. You need a plan that doesn’t cancel like term insurance. Whole life insurance plans protect you from this.

How do I get started with a burial insurance plan?

Assurance Life offers FREE QUOTES and can answer all your questions about funeral insurance.  We are a broker which means we have access to many companies. This means that we work for YOU not one insurance company.  Our experts are able to place you with the company that gets you the most coverage for the lowest monthly premium. You may call our toll free number 888-510-1381 to begin your free quote.  Once the application is started, we can even get same day approval because the application is simple and easy and there are NO MEDICAL EXAMS needed.

 The policy is customized for your personal needs and you will have peace of mind to know your family is taken care of. We have the best burial insurance for seniors over 80 so don’t wait another moment!  Assurance Life is here now to help you get started with life insurance for seniors over 80.