Best Burial Insurance in Tennessee

best burial insurance in tennessee

Tennessee is known for all things southern- sweet tea, country music, and of course, our volunteer spirit. Whether you read that as Vols (Go Big Orange) or as simply helping others, Tennesseans have hearts for their families and communities.  One way to put your family first is to protect them from the unexpected cost of your final expenses. Assurance Life has the best burial insurance in Tennessee.

At Assurance Life, we know what Tennesseans need because we have called Middle Tennessee our home for almost 20 years.  Regardless of your health, we have a final expense plan that is just right for your needs to cover funeral costs along with providing your family the peace of mind to know they are protected in their time of need. 



Do Health Challenges for Tennesseans affect getting approved for Burial Insurance?

Tennesseans have to combat the temptation of good old southern cooking at every turn. It’s enough to point out that the first Cracker Barrel was opened in Tennessee and any proper southern town touts its meat and three so locals can enjoy home cooking comfort foods any time of year. If that isn’t enough food to be proud of, we can relive the glory days with some Moonpies and Goo Goo Clusters, both of which originated in Tennessee.  

With all that rich food on our plates, it isn’t a surprise that the leading cause of death in the Volunteer State is heart disease.  A close runner up is deaths due to cancer.  At Assurance Life, we offer life insurance through many companies which means protection for your family by having final expense insurance.  Funeral Insurance is available to adults ages 40-85, regardless of heart disease, cancer, or other health problems.  Other health concerns for Tennessee residents are respiratory problems, accidental deaths, stroke and diabetes.  

Many citizens have a combination of conditions but fortunately, none that would prevent qualifying for burial insurance to take care of your family and ensure their needs are met.  Assurance Life can get quotes from several senior life insurance companies so you get the most coverage for the lowest cost.

Protect Family Memories and get Peace of Mind from your Final Expense Plan


Whether music, horses, sports, and more, there is something for everyone across the Grand Divisions.  Good family times are made chowing down BBQ in Memphis, seeing a show at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, or singing Rocky Top in Knoxville.  

Protect your memories with a affordable burial insurance plan to pay final expenses so your family’s last memories are the ones you want your them to remember.  Assurance Life is able to customize a life insurance plan that fits your funeral and final expense needs and help you find the best burial insurance in Tennessee. Read on for more details about Burial Insurance policies.

What is Burial Insurance and how can it help you and your loved ones?

Burial Insurance is a whole life insurance policy designed to pay for expenses upon your death including funeral costs and any other final expenses you may have.  Sometimes Burial Insurance is called Funeral Insurance, Final Expense Insurance or Cremation Insurance for Seniors.  It is important to know that a Burial Insurance policy will cover you for your whole life and not be cancelled as you get older or if you develop health problems.

This insurance protects your family from paying unexpected high costs of a funeral and gives you peace of mind that your final needs will be taken care of. Rest assured that Assurance Life has a policy that fits your needs and budget regardless of pre-existing health conditions.

How can Assurance Life help you with your Burial Insurance needs?


Assurance Life is Tennessee based and we know the needs of Tennesseans. Assurance Life represents YOU, the client, not a certain insurance company.  We have access to many companies to fit your needs. We are able to look at burial costs in your area along with your personal preferences and needs to find you the policy that is exactly right for you and your family.   Because we use many companies, Assurance Life can get your burial insurance policy approved even if you have poor health or pre-existing conditions. Even if you have been turned down before, we have you covered! Policies available to all Tennessee residents including Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, and Chattanooga areas. Let us help you rest assured that your final expenses will be covered. 

Let Assurance Life find you the Best Burial Insurance in Tennessee.