Finding the Best Burial Insurance for Smokers

best burial insurance for smokers

A common question we get at Assurance Life is how to find the best burial insurance for smokers. It is assumed that smokers either do not qualify or pay extremely high rates for burial insurance plans. Thankfully, this is not always the case and at Assurance Life we are able to find the right company based on each client’s age, health, and smoking habits.

Many smokers do not realize that whole life insurance companies base their rates on many different health questions and there are differences in rates depending on the type of tobacco used and the frequency of use. It is important to be placed with the right company to get the most funeral insurance at the lowest rate.


Finding the best burial insurance for smokers doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right insurance broker. Assurance Life works with insurance companies who have been helping smokers with their final expense insurance needs for years- companies like AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, and more. All people should be able to have access to burial insurance so their families can have peace of mind in an already difficult time of need. Having a health history of smoking should not prevent you from also having this peace of mind for your family. 


What should smokers do to get the best burial insurance?

The most important factor in tobacco users getting the best burial insurance for smokers is being placed with the right company. Quotes from Assurance Life provide numerous options so our clients can be sure they are getting the best coverage, even with health factors such as smoking. The application process is made easy through a series of straight-forward yes or no questions about age, health, and other factors. Once the quotes are provided, choosing a plan is simple.

Assurance Life helps you determine the death benefit that fits your needs based on funeral cost in your area, any debts needing to be paid from the policy, and whether you would like extra money to leave to family members. After you choose the benefit amount, the application is submitted with NO MEDICAL EXAM needed! 

Assurance Life is a broker which means we work with many companies rather than just representing one company.  This means we work for YOU rather than an insurance company.  When we obtain your free quotes from many companies, we compare them to get the most coverage for the lowest premium.  As a smoker, you are in a higher risk category for burial insurance.  There are three types of funeral insurance policies available. 

These are preferred, graded, and guaranteed issue.  Preferred means that you are approved for DAY ONE coverage.  This is common, even for smokers.  You might be surprised to find out most smokers qualify for DAY ONE coverage.  Sometimes the rates are slightly higher than non-smokers but this is where Assurance Life can get the best price by comparing many options for you as our client. 

Sometimes smokers develop health problems due to smoking or have unrelated medical conditions that mean they can’t get approved for preferred coverage.  In this case, we can offer graded or guaranteed issue policies.  Both are similar as the death benefit has some type of waiting period.  With graded burial insurance, the death benefit is paid out as a percentage over a two year period before it is considered fully active and would be paid in full. 

With guaranteed issue, there is a straight two year waiting period before the funeral insurance benefit would be paid out.  However, if death is accidental it would be paid at 100%.  Also if death occurs in the first two years, the monthly premiums are returned IN FULL plus interest so your investment during that time is protected. 

For guaranteed issue policies, these companies do not even require the health questionnaire to be completed.  They just guarantee approval for clients under 90 years old.  So regardless of health problems due to smoking, Assurance Life can help you find the best burial insurance for smokers. 

Benefits of Burial Insurance for Smokers

  • Policies are good for your whole life
  • Policies can’t be cancelled due to your age or health
  • Your monthly premiums will NEVER increase
  • Your death benefit will NEVER decrease
  • Policy builds cash value if you need to borrow against it
  • Guaranteed approval, even for smokers

What happens if my health conditions change or I have pre-existing conditions as a smoker?

The good news about funeral insurance is that it is a whole life insurance policy. This means it covers you for your WHOLE LIFE as long as premiums are paid. Also, once the policy begins, your monthly payment will never be raised. The rate is guaranteed for your whole life as long as the payments are made and the policy stays active.

This means that if anything changes about your health in coming years, your burial insurance is safe and protected from any rising costs or changes being made due to poor health. The lowest rate most people will ever get is TODAY because they are based on age and health. In most cases, people are as young and healthy as they will ever be so take advantage of this and get your FREE BURIAL INSURANCE QUOTE now.