Best Burial Insurance Plans (Online Quotes)

best burial insurance

How to find the best burial insurance is on the minds of many consumers these days due to a rising senior population along with needs changing across the working class as well. Finding the best burial insurance can seem daunting with so many insurance companies out there and the reputation that life insurance has for being complicated. As you begin your search, there are three important factors to keep in mind that will help you find the perfect plan for your needs but also ensure the process is smooth and easy.

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Best Burial Insurance Important Factor #1- Insurance Brokers find the best burial insurance

Why are insurance brokers the key to finding your burial insurance plan? Brokers are not limited like life insurance agents or individual insurance companies. Agents and companies have variety only within the amounts of coverage and plan types. However, their underwriting for age and health risk is limited to one model so each applicant falls into only one risk category when they get approved. With an insurance broker, not only can they compare the variety of coverages and plans for their customers, they are able to apply with numerous companies meaning they also get to compare many different underwriting guidelines for each burial insurance

That comparison is the most important part of making sure you find the best funeral insurance for your exact needs. Each person who applies has their own unique health history. That unique health history is what drives the approval and rates along with your age. By allowing an insurance broker to compare companies for you, they can find the company that specializes in whatever medical risk you might have that could potentially raise your rates.

Here is an example: Take someone who has been diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)- Company A considers COPD high risk and is willing to approve that client but requires a two year waiting period for the death benefit to be paid out. Company B has a plan for customers with COPD that would offer immediate coverage at a slightly higher premium. A broker is able to find you these choices whereas an individual agent or company would have been limited to only Company A or B without other options.

Best Burial Insurance Important Factor #2- Know what your needs are

A lot of people are not sure how much burial insurance they might need. Part of being sure you have the best final expense insurance for your family is figuring out how much insurance will be needed to pay your final expenses. There are a few money amounts that people choose to include when they are buying burial insurance. This is important because when you buy life insurance, the main reason is usually protecting family members from having a financial burden upon your passing. If you don’t calculate the right amount to cover expenses, families end up having to pay for what isn’t covered with the insurance payout.

So where do you begin to figure out how much burial insurance you need? First you have to decide if you want a burial or cremation. The difference between the two is about $5000. Then you add in other expenses that funeral insurance usually pays for. Those include memorial services, death certificates and other paperwork, transportation and handling costs, remaining debts to be paid for the family, and sometimes small monetary amounts left behind for specific purposes. With all these variables, burial insurance plans vary from $5,000 all the way up to $50,000.

Finding the best life insurance for your situation begins with thinking through the different options. Sometimes family members can help you sort out the options. Others prefer to let their insurance broker help them because they are experts in how much burial costs are in different regions of the country and also help you consider all the possible expenses that can be overlooked. Sometimes making a final choice about the burial insurance amount ends up being based on fitting the monthly payment into your budget. The insurance broker can offer comparisons of plan amounts to see what is enough coverage but also affordable.

Best Burial Insurance Important Factor #3- Having peace of mind that your family is protected

Procrastination- the human condition! We all put things off that are best taken care of today. Getting started with the best funeral insurance for you and your family is something that could easily be put off. No one likes to think about the time they will die. By the same token, no one can predict when they will die either and it is devastating enough for families to lose a loved one unexpectedly, let along be under tremendous financial strain due to the expenses of funeral costs and final expenses.assurance life

The time to do this is now. You and your family can’t benefit from what you don’t have. Most people don’t realize that the entire application and approval process can take less than an hour. The questions are simple and with only Yes and No medical questions and best of all, there is no medical exam needed for burial insurance. The best funeral insurance that is available is based on age and health so today is the day to find the most coverage at the lowest rates because most of us aren’t getting younger and health conditions don’t just disappear. Assurance Life is a broker who specializes in finding the best life insurance for our senior population, recent retirees, and those in their 40’s and 50’s needing to replace expiring term policies. Look to the left to get your free quote started.

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