Best Life Insurance for Seniors over 70

best life insurance for seniors over 70

Seniors are often looking for the best life insurance for seniors over 70. This is a time in life when circumstances require seniors to examine life insurance choices.  When you are over 70, many life events could prompt you to consider what life insurance is best. The BEST Life insurance for Seniors over 70 is often called permanent insurance, whole life insurance, burial insurance and funeral insurance. If you are looking for reputable life insurance agents with access to the best companies, you’ve come to the right place. 


So how do Seniors over 70 end up needing life insurance?

Of course, life insurance is best purchased when you are young and healthy. However, life gets busy and buying life insurance is usually not at the top of our list. Let’s be honest, talking about death is NOT something anyone likes to do. But unfortunately, we all will have our last day at some point. So why do we put off buying life insurance?

I think for most Seniors, they tend to focus on the NOW when it comes to their health situations. Why should I spend money on life insurance when I’m perfectly healthy? Sometimes we also play the comparison game and we tell ourselves I’m in better shape than the next person. Just remember, you won’t be any younger and possibility any healthier than you are right now. 


When seniors reach out to Assurance Life about buying funeral insurance, often there is a specific situation that has prompted their interest. Sometimes a term policy has expired, leaving you without insurance. Maybe you had a term policy through your work but since leaving your policy has been cancelled?

Or perhaps a loved one has died and that has made you think about how your family would pay for funeral & burial expenses.  Or maybe a health situation has arisen that has made you want to get your finances in order.  Sometimes, there has been a change in income or savings available to the family causing a need to secure burial insurance to ensure final expenses are paid. Regardless of your situation or current age Assurance Life is here to help.

So what are your options if you haven’t secured Life Insurance in your 70’s?

Whole life insurance is best for seniors in their 70’s because it doesn’t expire. At that age, you can’t risk a term policy that expires, leaving you unprotected after investing in your policy for years. If you want your life insurance to pay for your funeral expenses and burial expenses, a whole life policy is the way to go because it lasts for your WHOLE LIFE.  

It doesn’t expire and the rates never go up as long as you are paying the monthly premiums.  You can’t afford to take the risk of guessing when you will pass away because you need the funds to cover you funeral expenses.  Assurance Life works with companies that offer whole life insurance policies up to age 85.

When shopping for a life insurance policy, you want to make sure you and your family are protected by the best companies. We got you covered here if you are looking for the best life insurance for seniors over 70.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance:

  • Policy can’t be cancelled due to age or health
  • Your monthly premiums will NEVER increase
  • Your death benefit will NEVER decrease
  • Policies build cash value
  • Death benefit is tax free to your beneficiary


Why Assurance Life?

Assurance Life is a independent broker meaning we work with many different life insurance companies. This means we work for YOU, the client, rather than working for the insurance company. With access to 25 of the top rated burial insurance companies, we always find the most coverage at the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, even if you have been turned down before. Our life insurance companies have served customers’ final expense needs for over 50 years. Assurance Life provides FREE CREMATION INSURANCE QUOTES so you can make the best decision for your family. With Assurance Life, you can rest assured and have peace of mind that your funeral expenses will be taken care of. If you have any questions and would like to talk to one of our licensed specialist please call us at 888-510-1381.