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More and more people are seeking Guaranteed Life Insurance with automatic approval. There are many reasons- easy application process, being worried about health problems, and quick approval to name a few. Often people looking for a guaranteed issue plan have been turned down with another company. Don’t let that stop you from getting life insurance.. More

With many internet sources, getting a final expense insurance quote has never been easier. One thing to be careful of when getting an insurance quote online is whether the quote is accurate or designed to give you false hope about a low premium that you can’t qualify for. Here are some tips for how to.. More

Are you asking what funeral and burial insurance are? Is there a difference? Is it guaranteed to pay for your funeral or burial expenses? The answers are Yes, No, and not exactly, in that order. The starting point to understanding what funeral or burial insurance is would be to understand the kind of insurance product.. More

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance for Seniors is a specialty life insurance plan. It is a whole life insurance plan for seniors with automatic approval for people between the ages of 50-85 years old. Most people who are seeking a guaranteed acceptance plan have a medical condition that makes getting approved for life insurance difficult. The.. More

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions – This possibility might seem impossible- don’t all life insurance plans have health questions?  Actually, they don’t. Believe it or not, you can be approved instantly for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions without having to answer a single health related question. The key to finding.. More

Finding a life insurance burial policy isn’t something you think about every day but if you don’t have any funeral insurance to protect your family when you die, it is time to start thinking about getting a burial life insurance policy.  Unfortunately, life insurance is too easy to put off buying but ask any family.. More

Senior Plan Life Insurance is important to seniors of all ages. People find themselves at all ages without life insurance and Assurance Life can help you find the perfect life insurance for your stage of life.  There are all kinds of senior life insurance plans that can help you protect your family against paying the.. More

It might be surprising to read that it isn’t too difficult to find the cheapest guaranteed issue life insurance.  Usually people familiar with how life insurance works wouldn’t put together cheap and guaranteed issue because when people are seeking a guaranteed issue plan, it usually means they are a higher risk customer. However, it isn’t.. More

Securing Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance has never been easier. With just a few steps and a little time, you can take care of one of your greatest needs- protecting your family from the high cost of paying final expenses. Many times people put off this important purchase because there isn’t a sense of urgency. However.. More