Burial Insurance by State

Burial Insurance by State

Planning ahead for final expenses that include funeral costs, paying off debts, and leaving extra monies for family members can be done for your specific city of residence by purchasing burial insurance by state. Burial insurance by state can be handled through a whole life insurance broker who specializes in handling burial insurance nationwide through reputable companies.

Brokers such as Assurance Life specialize in working with clients across the country to provide burial insurance quotes and services through reputable companies such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, and Gerber Life Insurance. Knowing your burial insurance is backed by A+ rated insurance companies gives you the peace of mind to know that the monies will be secure for your family members in their time of need. 

What is burial insurance? 

Burial insurance is a specific type of life insurance that is provided through a whole life insurance policy. Burial insurance is intended to pay for final expenses to protect family members from the financial strain of paying for funeral costs. Purchasing burial insurance is an easier process than other types of life insurance because the application is short and simple and the medical questionnaire has just yes and no health questions. Additionally, there is NO MEDICAL EXAM needed when purchasing burial insurance.

Some people have experience with a term life policy and don’t realize the benefits of burial insurance compared to term insurance. Term insurance has an expiration date but burial insurance through whole life insurance has no expiration and can never be cancelled as long as premiums are being paid. Also, the monthly payment for whole life insurance is guaranteed never to be raised, regardless of aging or medical complications.

Planning for final arrangements 

Typical amounts for the death benefit in a burial insurance policy are between $8000-25,000. The starting point for deciding on the amount of funeral insurance you buy is choosing your burial preferences- cremation vs. burial, type of caskets, burial site or storage of ashes, along with other variables for final arrangements. Discuss with family members what your wishes are so they will use the death benefit from your burial insurance policy in the way that honors your preferences.

While the funeral home has staff to assist your family through the difficult process of making arrangements, it eases the burden and stress to have discussed plans prior to your passing with your beneficiary so they are prepared for the options being presented. 

Who needs burial insurance?

People who are seeking burial insurance by state are usually in their retirement years and experiencing the transition between having a term life insurance policy and needing a replacement policy. This is the most common scenario for clients purchasing whole life insurance policies. Other categories of Americans seeking burial insurance are those who want to supplement existing policies, children buying policies for aging parents who can’t afford burial insurance, and grandparents buying policies for grandchildren to secure low rates and a lifelong benefit of a cash value whole life insurance policy that has grown over a lifetime. 

  • Needs replacement burial policy because a term life policy expired- Start by determining burial insurance amount, beneficiary, and start application process.  90% of clients are approved for immediate coverage
  • Supplement existing policy- burial insurance policy designed to add onto existing coverage.  This is considered a separate policy but you would be paid the death benefit from the first policy and the new policy to help pay for final expenses.
  • Purchasing policy for aging parents- Adult child wishing to protect themselves financially against paying funeral costs for parents who can’t afford their own whole life insurance policy. Buying the burial insurance for parents is a better option than paying out of pocket for final expenses when parent dies. 
  • Grandparents purchasing child policy- Some grandparents want their grandchildren to have a whole life insurance plan to follow them into adulthood at a very low rate that only comes from starting the policy at such a young age. The other lesser known advantage is the cash value that builds up allowing for small loan collateral. 

Instant approval is available nationwide

Once you get the process going, 90% of applicants are approved for instant approval and DAY ONE coverage when the first payment is made. For the other 10%, usually there is a medical condition or health history flag that causes some kind of waiting period to be implemented. The good news about burial insurance is that for applicants under 85 years old, EVERYONE is approved. There might be a waiting period for those who have serious medical issues, but every person who applies is guaranteed approval for burial insurance by state.

Reputable companies work with clients nationwide such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Gerber Life and Family Benefit. The best way to know you are getting the most coverage at the lowest monthly premiums is to use a broker because a broker has access to numerous companies and not just one insurance company which is limiting. 

Burial Insurance by State

Information that you will need to get burial insurance by state is the average funeral cost in your area along with making some personal decisions about if you would like additional monies left over for family members or other final expenses. Funeral costs can vary by region of the country. This is because of regional preferences, cultural traditions among families in different states, as well as simple cost of living variables. Understanding the average cost for variables will ensure that you purchase enough burial insurance to fully pay for your funeral costs. 

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