Burial Insurance for Seniors (No Waiting Period)

burial insurance for seniors

With the rising cost of funerals, it is more important than ever to secure Burial Insurance for Seniors so family members have peace of mind during a difficult time. As seniors make decisions about how to pay for final expenses, choosing the right final expense life insurance is the best way to ensure funeral expenses are paid for. Sometimes burial insurance policies are known by other terms such as funeral insurance, final expense insurance, or whole life insurance. These types of policies provide for your family in their time of need. 


Assurance Life is able to help seniors with the 5 steps for choosing burial expense insurance. We work with numerous companies which means we can secure the burial life insurance policy that meets your needs. The type of burial insurance needed for final expenses is no exam life insurance meaning there is no medical exam needed. All clients are approved, regardless of current or prior health problems.  Finding burial insurance for seniors is quick and easy so you can have peace of mind for your family knowing your final expenses are paid for.  


5 Easy Steps for Choosing Burial Insurance for Seniors

STEP 1-  Determine Funeral Costs

*Funeral costs are rising and Assurance Life is able to help you compare funeral costs in your area.  Factors contributing to the cost of a funeral are burial plot, casket style and material, arrangements at the funeral home, and the type of headstone you choose.  It is important to have these conversations with your family to make things easier for them in a difficult time.  Make your wishes clearly known so family can focus on celebrating your life rather than making difficult choices about funeral arrangements. 

STEP 2- Do you want to leave money behind for loved ones or other expenses?

*In addition to covering funeral costs, your death benefit can cover any additional expenses such as leaving money for family members or paying other debts.  Common ways money can be used from your death benefit is to pay off a mortgage, provide for college funds for grandchildren, supply home starter cash for children, or just to pay remaining debts you might have owed upon your death. 

STEP 3- Prepare to answer short health questionnaire

*Assurance Life can help you quickly list the needed health information to begin your application.  There are NO EXAMS needed and everyone under 85 years old is approved!  The questionnaire has mostly yes or no questions and is easily completed in a short amount of time. We even have some plans that don’t even ask any health questions. These plans are called guaranteed issue life insurance. 

STEP 4- Who will your beneficiary be?

*It is important to share your wishes with a loved one and choose a beneficiary who will handle your funeral and final expense needs.  This person should be aware of how you would like your final arrangements made and what you would like done with remaining monies from your death benefit. Choosing your beneficiary is VERY important. Always make sure you choose the person who will do the right thing. 

STEP 5- Secure your FREE QUOTE

*Have the peace of mind knowing your burial life insurance needs are met by getting your INSTANT QUOTE now.  Upon submission of your application, numerous companies will provide a free quote. Assurance Life can help you compare the options and get you the most coverage for the lowest monthly payment. 

Assurance Life can help find burial insurance for seniors in these 5 easy steps.  Do not delay in making this important decision.  

Why you should always use an Independent Broker?

All this insurance stuff is hard to keep up with for most individuals. What company should I buy from? Which type of plan? How much coverage should I get?  The insurance industry changes daily it seems. However, Assurance Life does this EVERYDAY. Our agents help individuals are experts in finding the best affordable Burial Insurance to help pay for your final expenses. We are licensed agents and we have got you covered.

So why should you use an Independent Life Insurance Broker? Using an independent broker saves you time and money. It’s that simple. Do you like to save money? Are you currently on a fixed income? We have access to over 25 of the nation’s leading final expense insurance companies. This allows us to shop ALL our companies against each other and find you THE BEST RATES. Plus, Assurance Life will always be sure to find you the RIGHT coverage based on your health issues. Why would you want a policy with a waiting period if we can get you approved without one?

The reason we have so many companies we work with is because each company will view your health conditions completely different. One medication could mean something different to one company compared to another. This could limit your coverage and cost you thousands if not placed with the RIGHT company and the RIGHT plan. So having access to numerous companies solves this problem. If you are looking for the best burial insurance for seniors using a independent broker is the only way to go.

Once again, our goal is always to first get you approved for coverage with no waiting periods and lower rates when possible. Allow Assurance Life to save you money and find the RIGHT PLAN to cover your final expenses. Contact us at 888-510-1381 to speak directly to one of our licensed agents so they can help you find the best burial insurance plans for seniors.