Burial Insurance in Texas – Where to find?

burial insurance in texas

Don't mess with Texas

“Don’t mess with Texas!”  Texans are a strong-willed group of unique people and they are so feisty it feels like the idea of life insurance and Texan just don’t go together.  However, as strong and independent as Texans are, one thing even Lone Star State citizens can’t avoid is death. So how do you find the best burial insurance in Texas?

Determining Factors for Burial Insurance in Texas

Factors the influence finding the best burial insurance in Texas include leading causes of death, average life expectancy, funeral cost, and other common final expenses. These are important because they affect the premiums and needs of Texans when considering the ideal burial insurance for their needs.   


Leading Causes of Death in Texas


No one likes to dwell on how we die but it is important to know the leading causes of death where you live. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Texas.  This is more prevalent in the eastern part of the state. The difficult part of heart disease is that heart attacks often cause death before the underlying problem is found.  Those without whole life insurance or funeral insurance are putting their families at risk of taking on the financial burden of burial costs if their loved one dies of a heart attack.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death and it is found all throughout the state. Thankfully, even having cancer doesn’t prevent residents of Texas from getting a whole life insurance policy to pay final expenses and protect close family members.  Assurance Life works with many funeral insurance companies who cover clients who have or have had cancer. Strokes and lung disease are the next two common causes of death in the Lone Star State. These deaths are more commonly found in the northern half of Texas.

After the top four, accidents, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s complications are the next three causes of deaths that are seen in Texas.  It is important to secure a whole life insurance policy as soon as possible or add to your existing life insurance policy so that you and your family are protected in light of the many unexpected and unpleasant possible causes of death in Texas. Assurance Life offers FREE QUOTES and makes the process of planning ahead quick and easy.

Funeral Costs in Texas


Planning a funeral is difficult. Even the when prior arrangements have been made, families are under a lot of emotional strain when their loved one has passed.  Having the right whole life insurance policy in place makes all the difference in helping families cover funeral costs and relieves the financial burden. Funeral costs in Texas average about $10,000 for traditional burial, depending on services chosen by the family. Cremation can be slightly less expensive.

Whole life insurance is also known as funeral insurance or burial insurance because it is designed to pay for the final expenses of burial or cremation. Often the whole life insurance policies in Texas also include amounts to cover debts or monies to be left to family members. However the priority of the policy is covering the estimated $10,000 in funeral costs.

Application Process for Burial Insurance in Texas

When considering the leading causes of death and funeral costs in Texas, it is important to secure a whole life insurance policy as soon as possible because rates are based on age and health.  As young at heart as Texans are, it is the birthdate that matters when burial insurance rates are calculated. So for most people, the lowest amount you will pay for whole life insurance is the amount you pay TODAY.  Thankfully, Assurance Life makes the application process quick and easy. After submitting information for a FREE QUOTE, Assurance Life will contact you to answer a brief health questionnaire with only yes or no questions.

There are NO MEDICAL EXAMS needed. Once we finish the application, our experienced brokers match you with one of our numerous, reputable companies so we can get you the most coverage for the lowest premiums. There is a funeral insurance option for every person up to 85 years old, regardless of health. Finding you the best Texas Life Insurance won’t be a problem. 

Levels of Burial Insurance available in Texas


Levels of coverage are based on health.  Texans in average to good health will qualify for preferred coverage.  This means the final expense insurance policy begins on DAY ONE when the first monthly premium is paid.  Preferred coverage gives the insured and their family peace of mind knowing their final expenses will be paid.  The monthly premium is guaranteed NEVER to be raised as long as payments are made.

The whole life insurance is in place for your WHOLE LIFE, regardless of aging or future health issues.  The next level of coverage is for those with some health concerns. It is called graded coverage. This type of coverage has the death benefit phase in over a two year period.

For example, in year one, if the insured passes away, a certain percentage of the death benefit is paid, usually around 30%.  In the second year, that percentage goes up, often to around 70%. After two years, the death benefit is paid in full. The final level of coverage is Guaranteed Issue. This is for those with serious health conditions. The good news is that there is still a whole life insurance policy for even those in poor health.

 However, with guaranteed issue policies, there is a two year wait before the death benefit goes into effect. If death occurs during that time, the monthly premiums are refunded in full plus interest. The guaranteed issue policy is a huge benefit to families with medical conditions because there is NO EXAM and NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS asked.  Just automatic approval! Another important benefit with the graded and guaranteed issue funeral insurance is that if death is due to an accident during the first two years, the death benefit is paid at 100%.

Do not delay!  Let Assurance Life help you get started in finding the right whole life insurance so your family is taken care of in their time of need.  In Texas, Assurance Life works with well known companies such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Gerber Life Insurance, and many more. This means we work for YOU, not one company so you will get the best burial insurance that meets your exact needs at the lowest premiums. Call at 800-517-0810 to get the best Texas life insurance.