Burial Insurance Plans for Tobacco Users

burial insurance plans for tobacco users

Finding burial insurance plans for tobacco users can be tough. Most people would agree that when you think of a tobacco user, you automatically assume that getting life insurance would be expensive and tobacco users are penalized for the health risks associated with tobacco use.  The best secret for finding burial insurance plans for tobacco users is to be sure to use a life insurance broker for finding the best life insurance plan.

The reason tobacco users have a hard time finding the best burial insurance is is when they are dealing with ONLY one insurance company. The way to find the LOWEST prices is working with a company like Assurance Life because as an insurance broker, we deal with MANY companies.  This means many options for you as the client even if you are a tobacco user.


Assurance Life is a burial insurance comparison service. We have access to over 25 of the nation’s top rated burial insurance companies, including AIG, Gerber and Mutual of Omaha, just to name a few. The most important thing to understand is we work on behalf of YOU and not any one life insurance company. Our goal is always to find the best burial insurance rates available on the market. This means we can help find cheap burial insurance plans for tobacco users. 


Will you pay a lot more for burial insurance plans for tobacco users?

Most people assume that affordable burial insurance would be hard to find for tobacco users. It is true that most tobacco users will pay higher rates for burial insurance. Sometimes burial insurance is called funeral insurance or final expense insurance. That is because it is meant to pay for the funeral and final expense costs upon a person’s death. For tobacco users, the rates can be higher because they are based on age and certain health conditions. However, you will be surprised to find out that not all tobacco users pay higher rates. Assurance Life uses companies that have different underwriting guidelines.

One insurance company might consider cigar smoking the same as cigarette smoking while another company does not even ask about cigar smoking when considering their rates.  What does this mean for you when looking for cheap burial insurance for tobacco users? It means each burial insurance company will view your health conditions completely different.

If you aren’t getting comparisons from several companies, this could cost you a lot of money out of pocket if you aren’t placed with the correct company. Why pay more with one company when you can get the same coverage with another at a lower rate? This is why having an experienced life insurance agency like Assurance Life to assist in this process is important.


Is it easy to find burial insurance plans for tobacco users?

YES!  The application process is quick and easy. In fact all funeral insurance company applications will use a yes and no format making questions easy to answer. This YES and NO format also makes finding the right funeral insurance company easier based on the wording of their tobacco questions. Cigar users, pipe users, and tobacco chewers can all qualify for non-smoking rates if placed with the right company.

That is why Assurance Life is the broker who can help you find the cheapest policy.  Once the application is complete, Assurance Life compares quotes to determine which company is best for your age and health.  There are a few types of burial insurance plans offered.  The highest level of coverage is called preferred. This means being approved and coverage beginning on DAY ONE when the first payment is made. 

Surprisingly, most tobacco users will qualify for DAY ONE coverage which breaks a stereotype that smoking automatically means a waiting period for burial insurance.  This is another reason using a broker is so important.  One company might require a waiting period where another will offered preferred coverage for their whole life policies for smokers. 

The next level of coverage is graded.  This means the death benefit is paid out as a percentage that increases over two years until the full amount would be paid out upon death.  Getting approved for graded coverage would mean that your have some type of health condition that puts you at greater risk.  Being a tobacco user isn’t the problem which causes a graded approval- it would be the possible health problems that result from using tobacco that push your approval from preferred to graded. 

Thankfully, even tobacco users with serious health problems can qualify for burial insurance with the third level of coverage.  Assurance Life has funeral insurance companies who specialize in GUARANTEED ISSUE policies.  This means everyone is approved regardless of health problems.  There is a two year waiting period with that type of policy but every is approved for this type of coverage. 

All these levels of coverage are  whole life insurance policies meaning you are covered for your WHOLE life, as long as premiums are paid. So now is the time to learn more about the burial insurance plans for tobacco users. This provides you and your family peace of mind for many years to come.