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Getting burial insurance quotes has never been easier with access to internet and the quick responses it provides. In fact, if you want to get started on a free quote, just click the box to the left and you will have instant results to give you an idea of how much burial insurance costs. Burial insurance options have never been better with numerous companies able to provide the whole life insurance you and your family need so when you get burial insurance quotes you are not limited to just a couple options. Sometimes people are ready to get their quote because they know exactly what their needs are regarding how much life insurance they want and what their monthly budget is to pay for their burial insurance. Other times, a little guidance is needed to help you determine what your needs are so you can get started on comparing some burial insurance quotes.

Figuring out how much burial insurance you need begins with thinking about your funeral arrangements. After you consider your preferences for memorial services, you also want to consider any debts or expenses that will need to be paid out of your death benefit. Another consideration is leaving any sums of money to family members. The final consideration is seeing if the monthly premiums to pay for the death benefit you would like will fit into your budget. Once these details are figured out, you will be ready to look at some burial insurance quotes.

Funeral Arrangementsburial insurance quotes

Never have there been more options for funeral arrangements. It is reassuring to know that funeral homes have specialized employees to walk you through the options for your memorial services. You may want to include your family, especially your beneficiary, in on your planning so that they are sure to know how to execute your wishes. Some of the bigger choices such as burial versus cremation, types of services, favorite music, pictures, and shared memories are important to talk about together.

Smaller details can still be made at a later time by your beneficiary but be sure to cover the main options ahead of time. It can be good to put these things in writing as an accompaniment to your will. However, it is not a good idea to prepay for things as circumstances can change and you have more flexibility sticking with receiving a cash death benefit rather than prepaying for services. When you get your burial insurance quotes, you can make sure you are getting a quote for a benefit amount that will cover the amount needed to pay for the memorial service.

Debts and remaining expenses

Burial insurance is usually intended to primarily pay for funeral expenses. However, you can include an extra sum of money to pay some debts and remaining expenses. There are legal fees associated with a person’s death such as filing papers, changing ownership of assets, and so forth. Also, if smaller debts are owed, it can relieve financial burden for some money to be included in the burial insurance policy to pay off a vehicle, credit cards, or other smaller debts. Usually burial insurance is limited to $50,000 so paying off a home isn’t as common unless just a small amount is owed. It can be a huge blessing to a family to have all costs associated with their family member’s death paid for by the burial insurance so consider all the possible money owed as you prepare to receive burial insurance quotes.

Leaving money to family membersburial insurance quotes

Once you consider the funeral arrangements and debts and expenses to be paid, you may realize that your budget allows you to include a little extra money that can be left behind to family members. For instance, if after you calculate your needs, you can afford a policy to include an extra $10,000 in death benefit, that money could go to help pay for a grandchild’s college education, or be left for a spouse to have extra money to live on, or even be given to your church or another worthy cause that captures your heart. Sometimes it doesn’t cost very much per month to include this extra amount and your investment goes a long way after your death to provide money for a cause that will be a reminder of you after you die. When you get some burial insurance quotes to compare, it can’t hurt to get varying amounts so you can see if you can afford a little extra to use in this way.

Getting burial insurance quotes

Now that you know the ways you can use your death benefit to help you figure out how much burial insurance you need, you are ready to look at some burial insurance quotes. The first step is to complete the form to the left and you will receive some instant quotes. After you receive those quotes, a specialist will be in touch within 24 hours to help you figure out the best plan for you based on your age and health.

Thankfully the process is quick and easy with simple questions, only yes and no health questions, and NO MEDICAL EXAMS needed. Once you choose the burial insurance amount, approval can usually be given within an hour. There is no obligation to receive a quote and it helps you compare different amounts of burial insurance and how different coverage amounts would work for your needs and fit into your budget.

The good news is that our specialists are able to get you the most coverage at the lowest rates because we use many different companies, all with A plus ratings, including Mutual of Omaha, AIG, and Liberty Bankers Life. When you get your burial insurance quotes, you can be confident that you are getting the best options available to you. Approval and rates are based on your age and health so by getting burial insurance quotes and comparing choices from different companies, you are able to find the one that fits your age range and health history the best and therefore get the lowest rate. Companies specialize in different areas so if you only look at one or two companies, you could be missing out on the best plan for your needs and pay more for less coverage.

Click on the orange box (Get Quotes Now) to the left and we will be able to help you secure the best burial insurance plan for your needs.


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