Buying Burial Insurance after Cancer

buying burial insurance after cancer

Life after cancer is full of changes. Sometimes the experience of going through an illness makes people realize the need for buying burial insurance after cancer so families are protected in their time of need. Having a prior health condition doesn’t mean that you don’t qualify for burial insurance.  The important factor in buying burial insurance after cancer is choosing the insurance company that meets your needs best based on health history. That is where Assurance Life comes in. We have access to the top 25 burial insurance carriers so we help cancer patients and survivors find the most coverage at the lowest cost. Free quotes are available with no obligation.



How cancer affects your burial insurance

Assurance Life specializes in helping those with life insurance after cancer. Can you get life insurance if you have cancer? Absolutely! The best case scenario is that the type of cancer you have had is one of the two that insurance companies don’t flag as a health concern. These are basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. These two types of cancer do cause applications to be declined.

If you have a different type of cancer in your health history, it is a factor if you are currently being treated for cancer when considering burial insurance. Applicants currently being treated for cancer can qualify for a modified or guaranteed issue plan. These types of plans have a two year waiting period before the death benefit can be paid out unless the death is due to an accident.

If death occurs within the first two years due to another cause, the policy premiums are refunded in full along with interest earned. You and your family will not lose the money paid in for your burial insurance. The difference between modified and guaranteed issue is that a modified plan requires a health questionnaire whereas the guaranteed issue is a no-questions-asked, automatic approval plan.

The guaranteed issue plan is more expensive than the modified so in many cases, a cancer patient should at least go through the process to see if the modified plan is an option. Assurance Life makes this process smooth and stress free and we handle the legwork in finding the best company for you.

Once cancer free and when treatment has been completed, there are two more stepping stones in the types of final expense insurance that is available. The first stop is one year after cancer treatment and/or surgery. At this time, a graded policy becomes available through a handful of companies. This means the death benefit is phased in over a period of time. One example with one insurance company is that 45% of the death benefit would be paid if death occurs in year one and 75% of the death benefit is paid in year two. Then after two years, 100% of the death benefit would be paid.  As with the modified and guaranteed issue plans, accidental death is always paid at 100%. Assurance Life knows which companies have this plan to offer in months 13-24 after cancer. Without a variety of cancer policy quotes and companies, you can miss out on the best cancer life insurance.

The good news is that two years after cancer treatment concludes, preferred policies are available with full death benefits paid from day one and no waiting period!  

Buying Burial Insurance after Cancer -Made Easy

So what’s next? You have had enough long health forms and questionnaires already, so you will be happy to find out that our free quote process is simple and easy. You answer a short list of yes or no questions and there is NO MEDICAL EXAM needed. Assurance Life finds you the best burial insurance through the company that fits your needs. We use well known companies such as AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber Life, and more. Once again, Assurance Life specializes in helping seniors with life insurance with cancer. 

Burial insurance policies are whole life insurance policies that cover you for your whole life. The monthly cost is guaranteed to stay the same as long as the premiums are paid. Your burial insurance plan can be used to pay for funeral expenses, any debts owed, and even to leave money to family members. Have peace of mind knowing your final expenses will be taken care of. Contact us….. we can show you how life insurance for cancer patients can be easy to apply for. Can I get life insurance if I have cancer? Absolutely!