Buying Life Insurance when on Dialysis

buying life insurance when on dialysis

Buying life insurance when on dialysis can be a very difficult task. So can you buy life insurance with Chronic Kidney Disease or End Stage Kidney Disease? The answer is YES. Unfortunately, Term insurance or ANY life insurance for that matter that has a medical exam or asks health questions would be out of the question. Assurance Life specializes in helping individuals with kidney failure find life insurance. We currently have access to over 25 of the top burial insurance companies so finding you a life insurance policy even if you are currently on dialysis won’t be a problem.


A guaranteed issue life insurance policy will be your best bet if you are currently undergoing dialysis treatment and you currently are looking for a policy to cover your final expenses. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance plans are also sometimes called: no health questions burial insurance, guaranteed life insurance, guaranteed acceptance life insurance and guaranteed issue whole life insurance. All these terms are the same and once again you are guaranteed approval and WON’T be turned down. Plus, just because they are named differently they ALL are still Whole Life Insurance plans. Click here for our 2018 best burial insurance companies.


What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

This is a type of whole life insurance policy that doesn’t require a medical exam or ask any health questions. This is why it is call Guaranteed Issue. Your acceptance is Guaranteed. The application for this type of funeral insurance is quick and easy since NO health questions are asked. However, you do have to be US citizen to qualify. If you are between the ages of 50-85 you won’t be turned down and most companies will accept you. However, ALL guaranteed issue life insurance plans come with a 2 year graded death benefit. Unfortunately, NO company will offer you immediate coverage if you are currently on dialysis.

What is the 2 year graded death benefit?

Simply, If death occurs during the 2 year waiting period all premiums will be paid back plus 10% interest. If death occurs by accidental death the full death benefit will be paid out. After your two waiting period is up, the entire death benefit will be paid. This is why its very important to get your two year waiting time clock started immediately. You can get your two years behind you and then your death benefit would be paid in full anytime for the rest of your life.


How can a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policy be used?

Assurance Life helps clients EVERDAY with life insurance to cover their final expenses. These final expense plans are often used for burial/funeral costs. However, a guaranteed issue whole life insurance plan can be used for other things such as paying off debt, outstanding medical bills and even travel expenses for family members coming to the funeral. We often also have clients who purchase policies as gifts for loved ones or family members. Regardless of the need, Assurance Life is here to help.

How much life insurance can I buy when on dialysis?

Once again, you will have to be between the ages 50-85 to qualify. Make sure you reach out to us to at 800-517-0810 to see if we have coverage available in your state. So how much can you buy? Most companies who offer guaranteed issue whole life insurance plans have limits on how much insurance you can buy. Usually, we can offer up to $25,000 of whole life insurance from one of several companies.

Obviously, the reason these burial insurance companies limit the amount of coverage you can apply for is because of the life expectancy of kidney failure. Buying life insurance when on dialysis can be a chore. Call us at 800-517-0810 and one of our licensed specialist walk you through the process.

Are Guaranteed Issue Plans more expensive?

Unfortunately, guaranteed issue plans are more expensive than plans without a waiting period for clients in better health wise. This is why it’s very important to look over any solicitation you receive in the mail very carefully. Remember…. If it doesn’t ask any health questions, you will pay more and have a waiting period. Once again, our goal is always to try to get you approved for immediate coverage without a waiting period. Unfortunately, sometimes your health conditions won’t allow this. This is where a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance plan is beneficial. You should only buy this type of burial insurance policy as a last resort.

How do I purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance plan?


Once again, this will be the easiest application process you will ever do. Call us at 800-517-0810 to talk to one of our licensed specialist to find out how buying life insurance when on dialysis can be easy. This entire process can be handled in less than 10 minutes start to finish. No health questions or medical exams! Approval Guaranteed! Don’t leave your family in a financial situation that they can’t handle, contact us now for affordable burial insurance rates.