Burial Insurance

The big day- DAY ONE of retirement- who would think finding burial insurance policies to compare would be on your to do list. Often, employer provided life insurance is how many seniors count on providing for their family to pay for final expenses. That means when retirement comes, those benefits are gone and it’s all.. More

Senior Burial Insurance might sound like it is only for people who are very close to the end of life who need to find a way to pay for burial expenses. However, as insurance needs change throughout people’s lives, funeral insurance is becoming the go to for what type of life insurance people buy when.. More

If you are looking for affordable burial insurance, Assurance Life is able to help. Often people focus on the day to day needs and expenses of everyday life and as a result, looking ahead to the needs and expenses after death are overlooked. Thankfully there are many options for planning how to handle expenses of.. More

Burial Insurance vs Life Insurance – it turns out that this is more synonymous than a comparison. When people think about burial insurance vs life insurance, it is usually because they would like to take care of final needs after their death and be sure that family members have the financial means to pay the.. More

Funerals… and how to pay for them… it’s a common problem that can be solved with Funeral Expense Insurance. As with most expenses, funeral costs are on the rise. People are living longer with less money put away for retirement leaving families unable to afford funeral costs from the estate of their deceased loved ones… More

Have you been told finding life insurance for seniors over 80 is impossible? Maybe you have been recently turned down for life insurance or had an AARP policy that expired when you turned 80 years old. Regardless of the season of life you are in, life insurance for seniors over 80 – IS POSSIBLE. In.. More

The senior population is growing exponentially and along with an aging population comes the need to examine funeral insurance plans available. Funeral insurance plans are becoming a staple item for many seniors because they want to budget in the financial protection needed so their families aren’t having to pay for expensive burial costs when they.. More

With all of life’s expenses, one of the areas lots of people are hoping to save is by finding low cost burial insurance. Any type of life insurance including burial insurance isn’t a glamorous thing to budget but when you think about it, having the peace of mind that your family is protected against paying.. More

If you are looking for a simple burial insurance application process with NO headaches… buying burial insurance with no health questions is a no-brainer.  People who have health problems or a lengthy health history with prior issues and complications are frustrated by the long process of applying for any type of insurance, whether health or.. More