Burial Insurance

“Don’t mess with Texas!”  Texans are a strong-willed group of unique people and they are so feisty it feels like the idea of life insurance and Texan just don’t go together.  However, as strong and independent as Texans are, one thing even Lone Star State citizens can’t avoid is death. So how do you find.. More

Finding affordable Final Expense Insurance for burial expenses can be a difficult task.  We will address some common questions will we address for you to make the process of finding Final Expense Insurance smoother. How to buy Final Expense Insurance? What type of Final Expense Insurance to buy? How to apply for Final Expense Insurance?.. More

Why is Funeral Insurance for Parents Important? Have you entered the stage of life where you are caring for your parents and looking ahead to their needs in their twilight years?  With the older generation getting larger every year, more and more middle aged children are finding themselves needing to plan for their parents’ financial needs… More

Are you currently looking for Funeral Insurance with NO exams or health questions to cover your final expenses? Are you concerned that you won’t get approved because of your health situation? Are your worried how you will pay for your parents’ burial expenses when their time comes? Not to worry because Assurance Life can help… More

Funeral Insurance for Final Expenses is a whole life insurance plan that is purchased to cover your final expenses or burial expenses at the time of your death. A Funeral Insurance policy can also be used to leave money behind for family members like your children or grandchildren. Funeral Insurance is often called Burial Insurance,.. More

Seniors are often looking for the best life insurance for seniors over 70.  This is a time in life when circumstances require seniors to examine life insurance choices.  When you are over 70, many life events could prompt you to consider what life insurance is best. The BEST Life insurance for Seniors over 70 is.. More

Are you looking for the BEST Burial Insurance Companies? How do you know which Burial Insurance companies to choose from? How do you avoid mistakes when buying burial insurance? With numerous Final Expense Insurance companies to select from, its important to allow an expert like Assurance Life help you in this process. Assurance Life has.. More

Assurance Life has constructed this burial Insurance Insider’s Guide for your viewing pleasure. It’s intended to give you some knowledge on how burial insurance companies look at different pre-existing health conditions and how each one will affect your eligibility. Please contact us for final approval since this resource guide is intended for just educational purposes.. More

Life after cancer is full of changes. Sometimes the experience of going through an illness makes people realize the need for buying burial insurance after cancer so families are protected in their time of need. Having a prior health condition doesn’t mean that you don’t qualify for burial insurance.  The important factor in buying burial.. More