Final Expense Insurance Quote (Compare rates)

final expense insurance quote

With many internet sources, getting a final expense insurance quote has never been easier. One thing to be careful of when getting an insurance quote online is whether the quote is accurate or designed to give you false hope about a low premium that you can’t qualify for. Here are some tips for how to get a final expense insurance quote online.


Places to find a final expense insurance quote

ith internet searches so specialized these days, if you search for a final expense insurance quote, you might find lots of results that don’t actually have anything to do with final expense insurance. It is important when you look at the results that you can tell the website is intended to provide a burial insurance quote which is another common name for final expense insurance. Other common results might include the terms funeral insurance quote. These online options for a final expense insurance quote can be found on insurance websites, through links within an informative blog or article such as this one, and also through social media sites such as on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Information is freely available these days from many sources.

What to look for in your free quote

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When seeking a free quote for a whole life insurance plan, which is the type of insurance you would be considering for paying your final expenses, you want to be sure you are given some question options when getting your quote. A serious quote will be based on your age, gender, how much insurance you want, and occasionally based on whether or not you are a smoker. The reason these clarifying questions matter is that life insurance plans are primarily based on age, gender, the amount of insurance, and other health factors. Aside from extremely serious health issues, the biggest influencer upon a person’s life insurance rates are whether or not they use tobacco. That is why some quotes consider this upfront so that your quote can be as accurate as possible.  No one wants to receive a quote just to find out it isn’t anywhere close to what you will really pay.

Why comparing many companies matter

Another factor in getting the best final expense insurance quote is comparing many companies. One way to do this is to get your quote from a broker. A broker is an insurance agent or agency who works with numerous insurance companies rather than only being affiliated with one company. Here is an example of why having companies to choose from can save you money. Let’s look at tobacco use as a starting point. One company might rate all tobacco use as high risk where another company considers smoking high risk but chew tobacco is not rated as an increase. So without comparing, you might end up labeled high risk for a factor another company considers average risk. Another example is a surgery in your health history. One company might look back 2 years but another company only considers 1 year of surgery history. This is another example of how a broker and their expertise can help and also why you want to be sure your final expense insurance quote uses numerous companies for you to look at.

Why are you getting a final expense insurance quote?

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Most people have a reason for seeking a final expense insurance quote. Maybe you had a recent death in the family that made you realize you should protect your family from paying the high costs of funeral expenses. Or perhaps a job change or term life insurance policy ending caused your insurance to go away and you need to replace it as you enter your senior years. Whatever the reason you are getting life insurance for seniors quote, it is helpful to know what will happen if you move forward with purchasing a whole life insurance policy.  First, a simple application gathering your personal information and asking a short list of yes and no health questions. You might be happy to hear that all final expense insurance plans have NO MEDICAL EXAM needed. Second, a broker such as Assurance Life can review your application and use their advanced rate comparison program to find you the best company based on your age and health profile. Third- approval… About 90% of all applicants qualify for instant, day one coverage. The remaining 10%, usually people with serious medical conditions that prevent instant and immediate coverage, are able to get approved but with some restrictions in the first two years of their policy. The great news about a final expense insurance plan is that for people between the ages of 50-85, approval for some type of life insurance is GUARANTEED.

So, are you ready for your free quote! Assurance Life is waiting to help you with your final expense needs.