Funeral Insurance with No Exams or Health Questions

funeral insurance with no exams or health questions

Are you currently looking for Funeral Insurance with NO exams or health questions to cover your final expenses? Are you concerned that you won’t get approved because of your health situation? Are your worried how you will pay for your parents’ burial expenses when their time comes?

Not to worry because Assurance Life can help. Assurance Life specializes in providing funeral insurance to seniors who need an insurance plan in place to cover their final expenses. (REGARDLESS of their health) Assurance Life has access to over 25 of the nation’s top funeral insurance companies so finding the BEST rates won’t be a problem.

So what is Funeral Insurance?


Funeral Insurance is a whole life insurance plan used to cover your funeral and burial expenses at the time of your passing. Funeral insurance is also called Burial Insurance and Final Expense Insurance.

A funeral insurance policy is designed to NEVER cancel due to your age or health and most importantly your monthly premium WILL NEVER increase. So you your monthly payment will remain the same FOREVER. Also, most burial insurance plans allow you to borrow against the cash value accumulation of your policy which is a great benefit to have in a crisis.

Funeral Insurance with NO Exams or Health Questions

Assurance Life works with several companies that DON’T require a medical exam and a few companies that don’t ask ANY health questions on their applications. The type of policies that don’t ask any health questions are called Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance. Guaranteed meaning everyone is approved. Assurance Life can offer Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Plans up to age 85.

These plans are great for individuals with serious health conditions. However, Guaranteed Issue plans ALL come with a two year waiting period before the death benefit will be paid out. This means if you were to pass away in the first two years after taking out your policy, the insurance company would payout all the monies you put into the policy (called Return of Premium) and then add 10%.

After two years the full death benefit would be paid. Of course, if you die because of an accident and not natural causes then the death benefit is paid out without the waiting period.

How does someone get Funeral Insurance?


Applying for funeral insurance with no exams or health questions is simple and easy. First, a client fills out the free online quote. One of our licensed burial insurance specialists will then contact you shortly after. The licensed agent will shop our numerous companies available to find you the lowest cost at this point.  They always place the client with the best policy that fits their budget.

Once the process is started, the agent helps the customer complete a short application. The application is quick and easy since no health questions are asked. After that, approval for funeral insurance with no exams or health questions is simple and hassle free. No need to wait for days to see if you are approved because EVERYONE is approved with these type of plans.

Payment arrangements available depend on the burial insurance company.  Most require a checking or savings account for your monthly draft but a few will allow a credit card or direct express card. Assurance Life is here to help you with your funeral insurance needs. Don’t wait another moment to protect your family to make sure your final expenses are taken care of.

So what does funeral insurance with no exam or health questions cost?

Your first choice for the least expensive coverage is to first try to get approved for a policy that has a few short health questions.  However, if you prefer not to answer health questions or have serious health conditions, we will place you with one of the companies with guaranteed issue. When buying a guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance policy without any health questions just know the premium is always higher.

This is why Assurance Life will offer these plans as a last resort once we have exhausted all other options. Most clients think they are in bad health and can’t qualify for level/preferred coverage but this isn’t the case most of the time. Since we have access to 25 different funeral insurance companies our goal is always to find you the best coverage with the best price. Here are some sample rates from one of our funeral insurance carriers:

AIG Sample Rates

Why Assurance Life?

Assurance Life is an independent broker meaning we work with many different life insurance companies. This means we work for YOU, the client, rather than working for the insurance company. With access to top rated life insurance companies, we always find the most coverage at the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, even if you have been turned down before.

Our life insurance companies have served customers’ funeral insurance needs for over 50 years. Assurance Life provides FREE FUNERAL INSURANCE QUOTES so you can make the best decision for your family. With Assurance Life, you can rest assured and have peace of mind that your funeral expenses are covered.