Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions

guranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions – This possibility might seem impossible- don’t all life insurance plans have health questions?  Actually, they don’t. Believe it or not, you can be approved instantly for a guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions without having to answer a single health related question. The key to finding this simplified life insurance plan is knowing where to look for it. Assurance Life can help you unlock a plan for your permanent whole life insurance needs.


Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance No Health Questions-  What is it?

Sometime we know a little bit about life insurance but don’t know the details about the different types of life insurance you can buy. Usually people seeking information about guaranteed acceptance life insurance have been turned down before or have a medical condition that they assume will prohibit them from getting life insurance. Thankfully there is life insurance with no health questions available for people in your situation.

Just because you might have a chronic medical condition, recent surgery, or a diagnosis that means you are a high risk for having life insurance doesn’t mean you have to go without any insurance to protect your family from paying for the expenses that come along with burial costs and memorial services. That is where a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance plan comes in. Let’s break it down to learn more.


The word guaranteed can sometimes cause you raise your eyebrows- really, guaranteed?  As with anything, there are some requirements as to who can be guaranteed for life insurance approval. The only guideline for guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions is that you are between the ages of 40-85 years old. That’s it!  If your age falls in that range, Assurance Life can guarantee your approval for final expense insurance.


Automatic approval for a guaranteed acceptance plan means that the applicant is approved for a whole life insurance plan. Guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance has some unique qualities that are beneficial to someone with a health or medical condition that might make it difficult to get approved for another type of life insurance.  Whole life insurance lasts for the clients whole life. It can NEVER be cancelled, regardless of any changes in health over the years you have your insurance policy. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions has another feature in that the monthly premiums are guaranteed to stay the same for the entire time you have your policy as long as payments are made on time.

This means as you age or develop any other medical issues arise, the insurance company cannot raise your rates. This is very different from most insurance plans where rates aren’t guaranteed for more than one year at a time.  Coverage that lasts a lifetime and premiums that are guaranteed are the two best features of a whole life insurance plan. All guaranteed acceptance life insurance senior plans are a type of whole life insurance.


Of all the parts to explain for guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions, the part that is most important to the applicant is usually the no health questions aspect of these types of final expense insurance. Usually clients seeking no health questions have already been told no by another life insurance company or have had some experience that leads them to believe their medical history will cause a problem for them to obtain life insurance. No health questions burial insurance means exactly what it says- zero health questions are asked.  As long as you are between 50-85, you are approved, no questions asked.

What’s the catch?

So far this idea of guaranteed approval life insurance without answering a single health question sounds too good to be true.  Well, it isn’t too good to be true but there is a feature put in place to protect the insurance company all the while making it possible to offer people who would otherwise be declined for insurance some type of protection for their families through a guaranteed issue life insurance plan. Insurance companies make this plan possible through a two-year waiting period that is mandatory with all guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions plans.

Two-Year Waiting Period

Here is how the two year waiting period works. When you are issued your life insurance plan, which is immediately upon receipt of the first payment, the two year waiting period begins. This means that the life insurance company would not pay your death benefit until two years go by. The money paid in by you and your family in your monthly premiums is protected during the two year waiting period because if death occurs during that time, the beneficiary is paid 100% of the monies paid in PLUS interest.

This is an amazing feature!  How many insurance companies refund your money if you don’t use the insurance? Also, if death occurs accidentally, the insurance company will pay out the full death benefit even during the first two years. These features ensure that while your waiting period is in effect, you are still receiving benefits of having your guaranteed acceptance life insurance no health questions plan in place.

Apply immediately- instant approval awaits….

Assurance Life can answer any questions you might have and get you started with instant approval for you and your family.  Also, you might be assuming you can’t get approved for a better plan that guaranteed issue but often, by answering just a short list of yes or no health questions, Assurance Life can convert your guaranteed issue plan into a preferred or graded plan which offers lower monthly premiums and a death benefit paid out sooner if needed. Don’t delay, ACT NOW.