Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – How to buy?

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Securing Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance has never been easier. With just a few steps and a little time, you can take care of one of your greatest needs- protecting your family from the high cost of paying final expenses. Many times people put off this important purchase because there isn’t a sense of urgency. However along with those delays can sometimes mean a change in health circumstances has caused a more time sensitive reason to put life insurance into place. Even if you have a newly diagnosed condition, disease, or surgical need, Assurance Life can help you secure a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan to meet yours and your family’s needs.



Apply- quick and easy is the best feature of a guaranteed acceptance life insurance application. Because the plan will be automatically approved, the questions are brief and simple to answer. There are no medical questions and the only requirement is to be between the ages of 50-85.  You can begin the application process right online or call one of our specialized life insurance brokers to help you through the application.


Submit- Assurance Life submits your application with the life insurance companies who specialize in guaranteed issue plans. These are A-rated insurance companies that you can count on to pay your death benefit when the time comes. The approval is either immediate or within 24 hours.


Choose a plan- Upon approval or even beforehand, you will be presented with a variety of death benefit amounts along with the monthly premium for each plan for different companies. Depending on your age, one company might have a better rate than another. That is why using a broker such as Assurance Life can save you time and money as we are able to narrow down the choices so you can get the most coverage at the lowest rates.


Approval and payment verification- After you choose a plan, you will confirm your choice and provide payment information. We are able to be flexible and choose the exact day of the month that works best for your budget.  Some people want the plan to be effective immediately so they choose an immediate date. Other clients prefer a certain time of month for the payment and that is more important so they set the date of their preference. Either option works for our insurance providers.

FAQs – Here are some frequently asked questions regarding guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

guaranteed acceptance life insurance

How can the insurance companies approve everyone without medical questions?

This feature is what makes guaranteed issue life insurance so valuable to our clients. Regardless of health history, current or past medical problems, Assurance Life can place anyone ages 50-85 with companies who offer automatic approval for their life insurance plans. The way they can offer this option is because these plans have a two year waiting period before the death benefit is paid out unless death is due to accidental causes. Through the two year waiting period, they are able to offer this amazing coverage and approve ALL applicants who qualify by their age.

Can you avoid a two year waiting period?

The answer is sometimes. About 90% of applicants qualify for plans without a two year waiting period. It can never hurt to try so if you would like, Assurance Life can help you with a slightly longer application with some yes and no health questions and look at the numerous companies we work with to see if there is a match for your health profile. If that doesn’t work out, you can always go with the guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan as a back-up.

Can the guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan be cancelled if my health worsens?

Absolutely not!  Not only are the burial insurance plans guaranteed for approval, they are guaranteed never to be cancelled as long as monthly payments are made. Additionally, the monthly premium is guaranteed never to be raised regardless of aging or newly developed health problems. The payment stays the same and the life insurance cannot be cancelled as long as payments are made.

Is guaranteed acceptance life insurance the same as guaranteed issue whole life insurance?

Yes it is. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is also known as a specialty whole life insurance plan, burial insurance, funeral insurance, guaranteed issue, and even a few more names. This broad range of plans serves a single purpose. They cover the insured for their WHOLE life- meaning the life insurance plan never expires. That is why it is called whole life insurance. The guaranteed acceptance or guaranteed issue name comes into play because it reflects that approval is guaranteed for those who qualify by age.

How do I apply?

guaranteed acceptance life insurance

Your next step is to click on the quote screen or call our toll free number so one of our brokers can assist you with your application. The process takes just minutes and you will have the peace of mind knowing you have taken steps towards protecting your family from the tremendous final expenses that occur with a funeral, memorial services, paying debts, legal fees, and other costs. Let Assurance Life help you with your next steps…



Assurance Life works with individuals nationwide to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to top rated insurance companies, we always find the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, age, or budget.

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