Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

You may have heard the expression- In life there are no guarantees…  Guess what? Sometimes there are! One of those times is the guarantee that is found with Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors. These days, seniors are looking for a life insurance plan with guarantees-

  • Guaranteed for Approval
  • Guaranteed to Pay out upon their Death
  • Guaranteed to Never be Cancelled
  • Guaranteed that the price will Never go up

Those four guarantees can be found with guaranteed life insurance for seniors.

Guarantee #1

Guaranteed Approval-  With Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors, the first and foremost guarantee is the guaranteed approval. Burial insurance has several varieties where approval and monthly premiums are based on the age of the applicant and their health history. These perimeters mean some seniors worry if they will be approved based on their age or especially if they have a poor health history or even good health marked by one or two more serious incidents in the past. There is good news- Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors is available to ALL applicants under the age of 89 regardless of their current or previous health issues. No Questions Asked- simply guaranteed approval.

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Guarantee #2

Guaranteed to pay death benefit upon your death- The second most important guarantee seniors are looking for is the guarantee that the life insurance plan will do what it promised to do which is protect their family upon their passing. Assurance Life works with A rated companies who have a long history of protecting their clients with integrity. You can rest assured that the burial insurance you have paid for and set up for your family will be paid out to your beneficiary. Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors means guaranteed to pay out when needed.

Guarantee #3

Guaranteed to never cancel-  Another factor seniors are concerned about with their funeral insurance is wanting to be sure it cannot be canceled just because they are aging or might develop a new health condition. One of the guarantees with guaranteed life insurance for seniors is that the life insurance cannot be cancelled regardless of age or health. Once the plan has begun, it is guaranteed to stay in place as long as the monthly premiums are being paid on time.  

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Guarantee #4

Guaranteed that the premiums won’t be raised- Many seniors are on a budget and once an expense has been worked into their monthly finances, it is a challenge to afford any increases in bills. The good news is that burial insurance premiums are guaranteed never to be increased once the plan is in place. Whatever monthly premium you start out with after your guaranteed approval, that monthly premium will NEVER go up, even as you get older, move, or have any change in your health history.  Guaranteed life insurance for seniors also means guaranteed premium rates.

Leave No Regrets!

You won’t regret protecting your family with funeral insurance! The biggest gift you can give your family upon your death is the ability to properly take care of your final expenses including funeral cost, memorial service fees, and other odds and ends that most people don’t even realize need to be handled until a family member has died.  The average funeral cost these days is around $10,000 and the majority of Americans simply don’t have that kind of money set aside, waiting to pay for an unexpected burial expense. By planning ahead, you are protecting your family from added stress and financial strain at an already difficult time. Guaranteed life insurance for seniors is guaranteed to help your family at a time when they need it the most.

Next Steps for Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Now that you know what you are guaranteed with guaranteed life insurance, how can you get this in place for you and your family?

First, you complete a brief application. There are two approaches with guaranteed life insurance for seniors. One option is a no health questions application which offers immediate, guaranteed approval in seconds.  The second option is a short application with some yes or no health questions which can take a few minutes longer and 90% of applicants are approved immediately with lower monthly rates due to having a little bit more health information. For those not approved, they would be moved to the guaranteed approval plan and also have immediate approval.  Either way leads to guaranteed approval for burial insurance to pay your final expenses.

Next, your whole life insurance plan is activated and a payment date that works for you is chosen.  Assurance Life can help you determine the amount of insurance that would work best for your final expense needs and monthly budget. Remember, the rates NEVER go up so once you plan for this payment to be in your monthly expenses, it will always stay the same. Along with choosing a payment date and coverage amount, you would let us know who your beneficiary is so they will receive the death benefit upon your passing. It is important to make this person aware of your final wishes and provide them the information they would need to carry out your preferences.

guaranteed life insurance for seniors

Once these two steps are completed and the first payment is received, 90% of applicants have immediate coverage.  This means their burial insurance plan is in place and should anything happen, the death benefit is paid out to their family. For those who needed to utilize the guaranteed approval process, there is usually a two year waiting period before the death benefit is paid out due to the higher risk of health problems that caused the initial application with yes and no health questions to be shifted over to guaranteed approval with no health questions needed.

When this happens, you are still receiving the best coverage available and it is guaranteed in all five ways- approval, payout, never canceled, premiums that never change, and guaranteed you won’t regret protecting your family.

Guaranteed Life Insurance for Seniors is a growing need among the ever expanding over 50 generations. Most people are choosing life insurance plans over trying to save up the thousands needed to cover funeral expenses and it is easier to make it part of the monthly budget that is guaranteed to pay out and protect your family. Assurance Life can help you with this and we GUARANTEE you won’t regret it! Call us at 800-517-0810.