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More and more people are seeking Guaranteed Life Insurance with automatic approval. There are many reasons- easy application process, being worried about health problems, and quick approval to name a few. Often people looking for a guaranteed issue plan have been turned down with another company. Don’t let that stop you from getting life insurance to protect your family. If you are between the ages of 50-85, there is a guaranteed life insurance plan for you, even if you have been turned down in the past.


Easy to apply

Guaranteed life insurance is one of the easiest types of plans to apply for. There is a short application where basic information is given such as name, address, how much insurance you would like, and your beneficiary. If you aren’t sure how much insurance you need, a good place to start is $15,000. This covers the average funeral cost with a little money left over for any legal fees and remaining debts. When you apply, it is a good idea to include your beneficiary in your planning so they are aware that you have secured the policy that will pay for your final expenses. Usually the beneficiary is grateful to know that the expenses will be handled and that they can follow through with your wishes without being worried about how they can afford to pay for it.

No health questions

The main reason that people can be guaranteed to receive their whole life insurance plan is because there are no health questions asked. Usually people are declined due to health problems so with guaranteed acceptance life insurance, there are no medical questions asked which means that the applicant’s health is not a factor in getting approved. No health questions also means an even easier application because with a regular life insurance application, a large portion of the application is the health questions. Guaranteed life insurance is considered a good option for this reason.

Guaranteed Life Insurance – Quick approval

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Insurance companies that specialize in guaranteed life insurance offer quick approval for their customers. All applicants between the ages of 50-85 are automatically approved. This means that the rates are solely based on age and how much insurance you want to buy. Health is not a factor so for the agent, it is a matter of matching up the death benefit with the age and state of residence and BOOM- instant approval. It’s that easy…. It’s that quick…. All those images you have of a complicated, lengthy application process with a likely decline due to health problems- erase that and imagine within minutes, wrapping up your guaranteed issue life insurance plan that will be in place to protect your family from an expensive funeral.  

Can you do better?

So far, we have worked on the assumption that you are pretty certain you HAVE to get a guaranteed issue plan. Maybe you have been turned down, maybe you have had a recent diagnosis, maybe you are worried about tobacco use or a medication you take. You may be right that a guaranteed life plan is what you need. However, there is a downside to a guaranteed issue life insurance plan. Because there is no medical check, the premiums are more expensive and there is an automatic two year waiting period. For those who have no alternative, they are grateful for companies who will take a chance on them and help them take care of their families. On the flip side- there is a possibility that you could qualify for less expensive insurance without the waiting period. It’s worth asking- can you do better?

It’s worth a look


Even though automatic approval is pretty appealing, you have nothing to lose by at least applying for the preferred burial insurance because if you are turned down, the guaranteed life insurance plan is always there as a back-up plan. The main difference between applying for a guaranteed issue plan and a preferred plan is the health questions. The health questions aren’t really so bad- just a list of yes and no health questions that take about 5 minutes or less to answer. Then, the insurance broker can run your profile by over 25 life insurance companies instantly to see if there is one who would be able to approve you for better coverage than a guaranteed issue plan. About 90% of our applicants are able to get approved for a preferred or graded plan with lower rates and no waiting period for partial benefit payout. So… it’s worth a look.

Whether you end up with a preferred plan or guaranteed life insurance, Assurance Life can help you get started with an easy application and a free quote. Don’t delay. The perfect plan for you awaits.



Assurance Life works with individuals nationwide to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to top rated insurance companies, we always find the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, age, or budget.

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