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With everything in our society moving faster and going digital, it makes you wonder if that same speed and technology carries over to getting instant approval burial insurance. After all, insurance isn’t something you think of doing quickly and many times it is a long process to get certain kinds of life insurance. However, burial insurance is a type of whole life insurance that does have a quick turnaround for application and approval. Also, when thinking INSTANT, not only is approval fast, coverage begins right away for most people. Assurance Life can help you get instant approval burial insurance or as close to instant as possible. 


Steps to get Instant Approval Burial Insurance

Step One


So where do you begin for instant approval burial insurance? The first step is knowing how much burial insurance you would like. The average funeral is $10,000 with cremation a few thousand less and many people like to include a little extra money for family. Therefore, common amounts for funeral insurance are between $10-15,000. After you choose a face value for your policy, it is time to request a no obligation, free quote. Providing the information needed takes about 10 minutes. For the most coverage at the lowest premiums, you will want to use a broker such as Assurance Life for your whole life insurance plan. A broker works with numerous companies who all have a niche they work with. That means for clients 85 and under, we can get you the best plan that fits your health profile by placing you with the company that specializes in your exact needs. Plus, having more companies to choose from ALWAYS gets you the best price. Its important to NOT choose ONE company with ONE plan when shopping for burial insurance. Assurance Life works with nationwide companies such as AIG, Mutual of Omaha, and Gerber Life just to name a few.

Step Two

Once you have your FREE QUOTES, you can choose the plan that is best for your needs. This step is a little different for each company. Some handle the rest of the process over the phone while others start out with getting more information over the phone and finish with an email confirmation. Either way, the sign-up step takes less than an hour at a time that is convenient for you. During this step you can compare plans and benefits and choose the one that fits your needs and budget. You will name your beneficiary and confirm the accuracy of the information provided for the free quote. Assurance Life will confirm the date you would like to pay each month and your method of payment. The plan is customized to meet your needs.

Step Three


Once your plan is quoted, approved, and confirmed, the only thing remaining is for your first payment to be made and for 90% of clients, your instant approval burial insurance begins on DAY ONE of payment being received. The DAY ONE coverage is determined by your health profile and which companies offer immediate coverage for your particular medical conditions.  Assurance Life works with so many reputable companies, we are able to get immediate coverage for about 90% of our customers. There are those with more serious health problems that there is a waiting period before coverage begins. The good news for those clients is that even though there might be a waiting period, the monthly premiums paid are fully protected. This means that if death occurs in the first two years, the payments made are refunded at 100% plus interest. So taking out instant approval burial insurance even with a waiting period is a risk free decision. How often is it that if you don’t use an insurance policy, you are guaranteed a 100% refund of the money paid in? It is amazing that the whole life insurance policies offer this option for those at higher health risks.  

So what part of instant approval burial insurance is actually instant? Well, FREE QUOTES in 10 minutes, fully signing up within an hour, and DAY ONE activation when the first payment is made is as instant as it gets in the insurance world.  

Here are some other FAQs that relate to how quick and easy getting funeral insurance can be.

Q- How many health questions are on the application?

A- The application has between 10-20 health questions that require YES or NO answers. That means answering the questions is simple with no lengthy explanations needed.


Q- What if I have been declined by other companies?

A- If your declined status is due to health, we have a policy called GUARANTEED ISSUE.  Believe it or not, this type of policy has NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS ASKED. You are just automatically approved. This is the whole life policy with the two year waiting period but your payments are fully protected if something were to happen in the first two years of having this type of burial insurance.  

Q- I am on a fixed income and get my money the first week of the month. Can my payment be right after I receive my monthly check?

A- YES- regardless of when you are approved for your instant approval burial insurance, Assurance Life can set the monthly payment to any day of the month that you would like. For DAY ONE coverage, your whole life insurance policy will start on the day your first payment is received.

Q- Can my family get instant approval burial insurance for my husband or wife at the same time as my plan?

A- YES!  The burial insurance plans would be considered two different policies and have two different payment amounts. However it can save time to apply together because you have all the pertinent information available for the application such as address, beneficiary, payment information, and so forth. Also, why would you want to protect your family with only having one of you insured for your funeral expenses.  


There are many other possible questions you might have but these are some of the most common concerns related to getting instant approval burial insurance. Many people put off getting final expense insurance because they think it will be complicated like some other types of insurance policies are. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Burial insurance is one of the fastest, simplest types of insurance you can buy and it is one of the most important kinds.  Unlike other types of insurance that help you while you are living, burial insurance is a pure gift that gives to your family after you pass. It will help them be able to focus on celebrating the good times and memories rather than being worried about paying the high expenses of burial costs. In less than an hour, you can be set up with the policy that perfectly fits your needs. Let Assurance Life help you this INSTANT!



Assurance Life works with individuals nationwide to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to top rated insurance companies, we always find the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, age, or budget.

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