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Insurance for burial costs is becoming one of the most common types of insurance people buy once their children have grown and are out of the house. Until that point, life insurance has usually been in place to ensure that the money needed to raise the kids was available if something should happen to either parent. After that, the need for life insurance is usually based on wanting insurance for burial expenses and other final expenses.


Many people don’t realize you can buy insurance to pay for funeral costs. This type of insurance is considered a whole life insurance policy.  Insurance for burial obligations is something that provides families with peace of mind knowing this expense will be paid for upon the death of their parent or loved one. More and more people are leaving this blessing to their families by purchasing life insurance for funeral costs.

Insurance for Burial is easy to purchase

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Some benefits to a whole life insurance plan is how easy it is to purchase. Usually life insurance plans that you buy while your children are growing up has a lengthy application process and invasive medical examinations. With burial insurance, the application process takes just a few minutes and there are NO MEDICAL EXAMS needed. Most clients are approved within 24 hours with some being approved instantly.

Insurance for Burial provides security for your family

Another benefit is the security the insurance provides. When customers choose their insurance benefit amount- usually between $7,500 and $50,000 based on their individual needs- they are making sure their family will have enough money in place to carry out your final wishes for memorial arrangements. This is a huge factor for most people and is the main reason they set up the insurance for burial arrangements.

Insurance for Burial is guaranteed

Whole life insurance is a specialty insurance that differs from most other types of insurance. Unlike most insurance plans, whole life insurance which is used for funeral insurance can never be canceled for any reason as long as the monthly premiums are being paid. Also, the monthly premium can never be raised, even as you age or develop any health problems. These two benefits mean that when you set up your insurance for burial costs, you are all set for insurance for the rest of your life. You won’t need to renew, reapply, or find out rates are being raised like with other types of insurance. Your death benefit and monthly premium are guaranteed permanently as long as payments are being made.

Insurance for Burial is easy and simple

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The process for getting insurance for burial expenses is very simple. First you can get a free quote to get started or call directly to apply at 800-517-0810. Then the application is taken with a few simple questions and yes or no medical questions. After that, Assurance Life is able to provide numerous quotes to compare with the many A-Rated insurance companies we work with. By having access to many companies, this means we can find the right fit for your age and health profile. About 90% of our applicants are approved for IMMEDIATE coverage which goes into effect the moment the first payment is made.  Of the remaining 10%, those under the age of 86 would qualify for a guaranteed issue plan, regardless of any current or past health problems. With guaranteed issue plans, EVERYONE is approved. The catch is that there is a two year waiting period but keep in mind, this is just for those with pretty serious health problems. Most people fall into the 90% who get DAY ONE coverage.

Insurance for Burial is best purchased from a broker

Assurance Life is able to help clients get the most coverage at the lowest payment because we are an insurance broker. What that means is that we work with many companies and we work for YOU- our customer- not the individual insurance companies. Some agents represent just one company or some clients try to purchase directly to the insurance company. The downside of that is being limited to one plan at one price. Each insurance company has slightly different guidelines for their approval process. One company might consider someone taking a certain medication high risk but another company considers that medication routine. That difference can cost a customer hundreds of dollars a year and thousands of dollars in their death benefit. Using a life insurance broker like Assurance Life can ensure you will get the best insurance for burial expenses possible. Let us help you get started today!



Assurance Life works with individuals nationwide to secure the best life insurance rates. With access to top rated insurance companies, we always find the lowest rates regardless of medical conditions, age, or budget.

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