Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period

life insurance no medical exam no waiting period

Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period – who would believe that is possible? Believe it or not, there is a type of life insurance where you are not required to have a medical exam and the policy goes into effect IMMEDIATELY with no waiting period. There are a few names that this insurance is known by- whole life insurance, burial insurance, no waiting period life insurance, and final expense insurance to name a few.

This type of insurance is perfect for people who want a no frills permanent life insurance plan with a simple and straightforward application process. Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period – what more could you ask for?


Now that you know that life insurance plans with no waiting period are available, let’s take a look at the commonly asked questions about this type of plan. Usually those who are seeking plans with no waiting period or medical exams have an urgent need to put their life insurance into effect. Whether you have had a loved one pass away and you were prompted to get your own affairs in order, have had a medical diagnosis that reminded you the importance of guaranteed life insurance, or simply have been meaning to put life insurance into place and are ready to move forward, here is the information you need to get your life insurance policy started.

Fact 1- Applying is easy

To apply for life insurance no medical exam no waiting period you simply begin with getting a free quote. From there, an insurance expert from Assurance Life will contact you to present your options and clarify any needed information to proceed. The application takes around 10 minutes and only has a few questions along with some yes and no answer health questions. NO MEDICAL EXAM NEEDED…

Fact 2-  Lots of options for Life Insurance No Medical Exam No Waiting Period

The good news is that you will have numerous options after submitting your application for no medical exam life insurance. Assurance Life will help you narrow down the choices depending on your purposes for getting life insurance and the specific needs of your family. Each person’s situation is unique and that is what makes Assurance Life the perfect solution for your insurance needs. Because we are a life insurance broker, we work with many, many companies so we are able to find the perfect fit for each of our clients. Companies like Mutual of Omaha, Royal Neighbors of America and AIG to name a few.

Fact 3- Many options doesn’t mean complicated

Thankfully with life insurance no medical exam no waiting period, these criteria mean that the process is simplified. Just because we will have many companies with their plans and rates available to you, the process of choosing a plan will be made easier after we narrow things down based on the companies recommended based on your health question responses. Each insurance company specializes in a particular age range and sometimes health criteria. That means we can easily figure out the best plan for you based on your unique profile.

Fact 4- About 90% of applicants get Life Insurance No Waiting Period

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One of the most important things you are looking for is for IMMEDIATE life insurance coverage. With life insurance no medical exam no waiting period online plans, approximately 90% of our customers receive DAY ONE coverage that begins as soon as the first payment is made with no waiting period needed. That means there is a good chance you will qualify for that type of coverage. Assurance Life has helped people who have even been declined for life insurance find a company that offers them approval so let us help you find the right burial insurance for seniors plan!

Fact 5- Once in effect, your monthly payments will not be raised and your plan cannot be cancelled

If you are hoping for a quick and easy process with no exam and no waiting period, it is likely you want to be sure that your life insurance policy will be secure. Plans with no medical exams needed are whole life insurance plans. Whole life insurance policies cannot be cancelled for any reason as long as monthly payments are made, even if something develops with a health condition or as you get older. Another benefit is that the monthly payments cannot be raised due to age or health either. So once your life insurance plan is established, it is secure as long as payments are made on time.

Those are the basic facts about getting a life insurance plan with no medical exams and no waiting periods. There are few insurance programs on the market that work as easily and quickly as a whole life insurance plan. Whole life insurance no medical exam no waiting period – it’s just what you have been looking for.