Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Insurance Review

lincoln heritage funeral advantage insurance review

Are you currently considering taking out a policy with Lincoln Heritage Insurance Company? Do you have some questions you would like answered first about the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage plan? Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible about the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage plan so you can make an educated decision about all the options for funeral insurance that are out there. This is a review of Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company and we advise you to take this perspective and then research your options before you choose a company to handle your whole life insurance.


Lincoln Heritage Insurance Company is a well known burial insurance company but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best one for your individual final expense needs. Their funeral advantage program assists seniors with funeral planning and funeral insurance plans to cover final expenses. Read more to gain insight with our Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance review.

If you need to contact LH here is their contact information:
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company
4343 E Camelback Road
Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 808-0521 Customer Service

About Lincoln Heritage

Lincoln Heritage was founded in 1963 and is currently headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Lincoln Heritage is a family owned company that specializes in Final Expense Insurance for funeral expenses. Lincoln Heritage is the leading provider for Final Expense insurance and currently has over 1 million policies in force. Lincoln Heritage has an excellent A- rating with AM Best and has A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. When it was founded, Lincoln Heritage was considered ahead of its time in providing a faster turnaround for funeral insurance application processing, approval, and policy issuance.

Lincoln Heritage is a family owned business that has expanded into its third generation of family ownership and operation. This means Lincoln Heritage it is a privately held company. All Lincoln Heritage agents are called captive agents, meaning they only sell their Lincoln Heritage policy and not other companies.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Program Details


ONLY program available through Lincoln Heritage

-Face Amount: up to $20,000
-Ages: 40-85
-2 Plans – Immediate and Modified
-No Health Exams
-Prescription History Check
-Family Support Services – Funeral Planning Included
-No Height & Weight Chart
-Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider available
-Child Rider available

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance offers just one final expense plan called Funeral Advantage. This Funeral Advantage plan is available for ages 40-85 and coverage amounts up to $20,000. The Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage application is a one page application with simple Yes or No questions. No Medical Exams are required under the Funeral Advantage whole life insurance plan. Lincoln Heritage will do a prescription check during the application process to take a look at your prescription history to help them in their underwriting decision. You can qualify for either of their two types of coverage under the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage plan, Immediate coverage or Modified coverage. Plus, the Funeral Advantage plan has a view different Riders available both of which are optional. (AD&D, Child Rider) All Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage policies come with Family Support Services including funeral planning from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.

Remember: When shopping for the BEST burial insurance plan… shopping ONE company with ONE plan is NOT in your best interest.

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plans

Lincoln Heritage does have Tobacco and Non Tobacco rates like most companies on their Funeral Advantage plans. Lincoln Heritage specifically ask about any form of tobacco use in the past 12 months on their life insurance application. So expect higher rates if you use tobacco. Assurance Life does have access to a few companies that offer Non Tobacco rates on Cigars, Pipes and Chew. Just ask us how! Lincoln Heritage plans are available to most applicants. When completing the questionnaire for Lincoln Heritage, a couple health history categories result in an automatic decline on their Funeral Advantage plans.


There are only two questions on the Lincoln Heritage application that are make or break- meaning a YES means you would be Uninsurable with Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage:

Has the proposed insured been diagnosed, by a physician, with a terminal illness or AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)?

Is the proposed insured currently incarcerated, hospitalized, in a care facility or receiving hospice care?

If you answer NO to both of these questions you would qualify for either Immediate or Modified Coverage with Lincoln Heritage.

Immediate Coverage

If you answer NO to all the medical questions on the Lincoln Heritage application you will qualify for the Funeral Advantage Immediate coverage. This assumes you don’t have any prescriptions that show up on their modified prescription list. Their Immediate coverage is their Best priced plan which coverage begins immediately.(after 1st payment is made) So no waiting period on the Immediate plan. Here are some sample Lincoln Heritage rates on their Immediate plan compared to other Burial Insurance companies:

AgeLincoln HeritageMutual of OmahaAssurity
AgeLincoln HeritageMutual of OmahaAssurity

Modified Coverage

So what is modified whole life insurance?

IF you answer YES to any medical questions on the Lincoln Heritage application (besides the uninsurable questions) you will qualify for their Modified plan. Their Modified plan DOES have a waiting period. If you are under 50 years old, you will have a 3 year waiting period and over 50 or older your waiting period is only 2 years. This simply means your death benefit payout is modified and it doesn’t protect you immediately. Meaning your death benefit wouldn’t be paid out fully until the time period is up. However, Lincoln Heritage would pay you ALL your money back plus some interest if you were to pass away during your waiting period.


If you answer Yes to ANY of the questions below, you would have a waiting period and a modified death benefit with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance:

Has the proposed insured been hospitalized two or more times in the past six months?

If under age 25, has the proposed insured been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy or Multiple Sclerosis?

In the past two years, has the proposed insured had, been diagnosed with, been treated for or taken medication for any of the following conditions:

Heart disease including Heart Attack, Heart Surgery, Congestive Heart Failure or Angina Pectoris?

Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, Organic Brain Syndrome, ALS or does the proposed insured need assistance performing their Activities of Daily Living including feeding, bathing or dressing themselves?

Disease of the Circulatory System, including Stroke, TIA or Aneurysm, or has the proposed insured had or been advised to have surgery to improve circulation?

Cancer of any form of Malignancy other than Basal Cell Skin Cancer?

Disease of the lungs, other than Asthma, including COPD or Emphysema; oxygen to assist in breathing; Liver disease including Cirrhosis or Hepatitis C; Kidney disease including Kidney Dialysis; Organ Transplant?

Alcohol abuse or drug abuse?

Complications of Diabetes including Insulin Shock, Amputation, Diabetic Coma, Blindness or Kidney Disorder?


Has the proposed insured been positively diagnosed or treated, by a physician, for HIV?

Has the proposed insured had or been advised to have a diagnostic test for which results have not yet been received?

Several of the conditions listed above under the Lincoln Heritage Modified Plan WOULD qualify for Immediate coverage (no waiting period) with other companies.

Assurance Life works with 25 different Burial Insurance companies and MOST of the conditions above would qualify without a waiting period. Ask us how! Remember, YOU always should try to get a life insurance policy that starts immediately if possible.

Funeral Consumer Guardian Society


All Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage plans come with a membership from the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society. This membership is already included in the price. Funeral Consumer Guardian Society will help you with funeral wishes, funeral arrangements and also help your family shop funeral homes for the best burial services rates at the time of your passing. Unfortunately, this service is already calculated into ALL Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage life insurance plans. So regardless if you see the value, you still have to pay for it.

Shopping for Burial Insurance Plans

After examining the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage plan, it becomes apparent that while they are the leading provider of funeral insurance, not every applicant would benefit from using their plan. There are hundreds of scenarios to consider because rates and approval is based on age and health history. (Lincoln Heritage life insurance rates will be higher than most companies.)

This means that depending on your age and medical profile, there is a good chance that an alternate company might be a better fit for your needs than Lincoln Heritage. 


Assurance Life ALWAYS recommends shopping several companies when looking for a funeral insurance policy. This is important because EVERY company will look at your current health situation differently during the underwriting process. This difference could cost you in the amount of coverage you can purchase and the amount you will pay. See this in our AARP Life Insurance Review.

Assurance Life is an independent burial life insurance broker. We have access to over 25 of the Nation’s Best Burial Insurance companies. So purchasing your Burial policy through an independent broker can save you time and money. Most importantly, a final expense insurance broker can shop several companies for you to help you find the right plan that fits YOUR current health situation AND GET YOU THE BEST PRICE.

Requesting a free quote from Assurance Life and other brokers is a simple process, much like the application described for Lincoln Heritage. Similar to Lincoln Heritage, the questionnaire is quick and easy with Yes and No medical questions. What is different compared to Lincoln Heritage is the process that follows. Lincoln Heritage is a reputable company, leading the way in the funeral insurance industry.

However, it is just one company so applicants fall into one of three categories- Approved for Immediate coverage, Modified coverage (waiting period), or declined. If approved, Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage rates are set with no flexibility.

A broker like Assurance Life Insurance can compare rates of numerous final expense insurance companies quickly and easily so the client is given choices of plans offered at an equally outstanding companies such as Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Royal Neighbors of America and many more.